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Apple Air Tags: what and how they work

A device designed to track your wallet, key, or bag like stuff in case you have lost it. In May 2020 accidentally apple has shown Apple Tags device name into the live event. later on, a device known as Air Tags. There are devices available like Tile which can fix on

The Future of Internet speed is 5G

Believe it or not 5G refer as generation of wireless cellular technology which is not only defined by speed but a combination of advancement and enhancement. What makes 5G groundbreaking compared to 4G LTE is a frequency band that 5G supports. 4G covers 2.5 GHz band while 5G supports wide

Best Affordable Electronics Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas and festival seasons are started in world with long vacation period. And these seasons we buy gifts and give it to family, friends and relatives. For rich people it is not big deal but if you’re a simple common man than I have some good electronics items lists which

Video Calling from TV the JioGigaFiber Effect

JioGigaFiber and Set-top box

Reliance has announced future plan, offers and Jio upgrades in their 41st Annual General Meeting. The most discussion is JioGigaFiber which is Fixed Line Broadband connection which can give up to 100mbps speed and provide 4K videos. This will make happens Indian dream of smart Home and online gaming services