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Get Free Internet connection at Home

Get Free Internet Connection At Home 1

Most people are getting excited when hear free Internet. If you’re also one of them who tired from paying big internet bills which is increasing from monthly with use then it’s a time to say it bye-bye. You can find many ISP companies who offer free or very cheap internet

How to verify your installed Apk file is safe or not?

android APK file check

Best thing about Android is the amount of control that the operating system provides to users. In any android device if you want to install some apps then you have to use the different App Store. In some cases we have to download and install apk file manually on the device

How To Recover Deleted Data In Android Device

Recover Lost Android Data

There are lots of reasons to delete a data from your phone. Don’t get nervous, here we give solutions to get back of your data using following methods. 1. Using Recycle bin (Dumpster) Application Dumpster app is working as a recycle bin in android phone. You can restore your data from this

How to connect and control Mobile phone from another mobile

Team Viewer Mobile App

Team Viewer offers you the ability to connect to any different mobile devices based on Android, iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry operating systems Remotely control other mobile devices from your own mobile device as well and also it can control your computer which is located at your home or office from