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Best Alternative Apps of Tutuapps

If you are fond of playing adventure & exacting games then you must know about tutuapp. Tutuapp is an App store for PC, iOS and Android where you can download and install many paid games free without paying any single penny. The tutu app store updates regularly with new version

Skype Alternatives for Video and Voice calling

Skype Options

We can communicate with business owners, clients, friends, relatives and family members from mobile, letter, text, video calling, voice calling, voip etc. Online chatting, calling, video chatting and conversing on phones is the huge revolution for the communication. There are many apps developed for communication and it helps you to

How the Paytm actually works

Paytm TechTyre

Technology has possible shopping and transactions without physical money. Virtual wallet is such a great invention thought from programmer to make your life much smooth. Android Pay, Apple pay, Bitcoin, Electronic cash, Google pay, Paypal, Visa checkout, Samsung Pay, nTrust are some of popular electronic wallet examples. If you are

Fashion on Your Phone: The Best Fashion Apps

HOW IMPORTANT IS FASHION FOR US? Whether it’s an interview, birthday party or a wedding, you have to have the perfect dress for every occasion. You have to look fashionable and trendy at all times, even if you are sleeping you got to wear those cute shorts and the plain black

Road Safety Mobile app for India SaveLIFE

Techtyre RoadSafety App

Telecom operator Vodafone has partnered with SaveLIFE Foundation to launch the Road Safe mobile application for Android users in India. The app brings a lots of features focused on safety and help during driving and related emergencies. The app is available for free to download on Google Play store, so anyone

How to connect and control Mobile phone from another mobile

Team Viewer Mobile App

Team Viewer offers you the ability to connect to any different mobile devices based on Android, iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry operating systems Remotely control other mobile devices from your own mobile device as well and also it can control your computer which is located at your home or office from