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Free Smartphone Storage Without Deleting content


Storage or memory is where your device stores apps, data and the operating system files it needs to keep. And where we can store the data. It is long term memory. Storage can be divided in 2 categories 1. Internal memory storage The internal memory is the total amount of the information your phone

How to extend your Mobile battery Life

Battery is the most important element for the phone, Mostly today’s mobile companies try to make a thin smartphones and for that they do the compromise with a battery. So you can’t use a battery for long time with using all facilities. But you can extend battery life using some

3 Situations When You’d Use Compress PDF App

open pdf in iphone

In the following article you’ll probably recognize some common frustrating everyday situations and think: “Yeah, I’ve been there million times”, “Oh, that’s so true! ”, or “If I had a nickel for every time I went through that, I’d be rich.” However, you’ll discover a solution to handle frequent technical

The Importance of Converting JPEG Files to PDF

JPEG Files to PDF

For a lot of people who operate in different areas of business, the storing of digital images can easily become quite an issue, but the answers to such problems are often left ignored. The majority of users feel that there is not much that can be done regarding this, but