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How to send HD photo in Whatsapp

How To Send HD Photo In Whatsapp

If you’re reading this article then you must know about Whatsapp messenger. People use whatsapp to share photo, contents and documents even love to call by voice and video calling. You just need an internet connection on your device to run whatsapp. People always have a complaint against Whatsapp that

Amazing Whatsapp Feature Updates April 2018

Amazing Whatsapp Feature Updates April 2018

The most widely used instant messaging app Whatsapp has added some new features early in April 2018. According to report whatapp is testing Touch ID support System. Iphone users will be able to secure or lock their Whatsapp by TouchID feature in upcoming days. Yet there is no easy way

Whatsapp new Features to Save from Spam Posts

How To Send HD Photo In Whatsapp

Whatsapp is working on a new feature to prevent spam posts being circulating in large numbers. In this feature, if spam post is forwarded to any other group or group of the same group then it will appear as 'forwarded message'. Look for 'forwarded message' written If spammers forward such messages to

Mandatory missing feature of Whatsapp Chat App

Whatsapp missing feature

Whatsapp messenger is revolution of chat system. They crashed almost all smart phone messenger app such as yahoo, AIM, gtalk, line, Orkut chat, facebook chat etc and become favorite for all android, iPhone, backberry and windows phones. The easy use, free useful function and feature helped it to become more

Whatsapp Money Exchange feature for India in February 2018

WHatsapp payment Gateway

The most widely used messaging app whatsapp could give payment feature from February 2018 in India. WhatsApp users are waiting for this feature and according to market survey this feature will change digital payments interface in India. Whatsapp will integrate with unified payment interface (UPI) based payments platform and make