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Choose Pico Projector for Better viewing of Images and Videos

For many people, it is difficult to keep squinting at the small screens of their phones, and therefore, they need a product that will offer them the best view. The Pico Projector is a product designed to project the images, whether photos or videos from a variety of devices to allow them have an enhanced viewing experience.


With the Pico projector, the users will enjoy the flexibility it offers because of the different gadgets it can connect to. The device can be used with devices such as iPod, digital cameras, the iPhone, DV Cams and iTouch, DVD players, other video players, cell phones, PCs and computers with standard composite AV out and cable. The users will also be presented with different accessories to enable them connect the projector to their devices.


The users will be able to move around with Pico Projector and use it anywhere they want at any time. It measures 2” by 4.1” by 0.7” and weighs 4.2 ounces. Its small size enables it to easily slip in the user’s pocket. With it the days in which people moved around with large projectors are gone. The sleek and small design is impressive, alongside making it portable.


The Pico projector comes at an affordable price and is easily available in different places. Buyers can get their own device from the brick and mortar stores or opt to buy it at online stores. The prices are competitive and users can enjoy different discounts, without compromising on the quality of the projector.

The Pico projector also comes with a number of accessories to enhance its use including a power adapter, tripod adapter, 2 batteries, a/v cable, iPod kit with dock connector for buyers in the United States, a USB Cable and a bag.

Enhanced performance

The Pico projector comes with the DLP technology which gives it an edge over the LCD projectors. This enables it to retain the color saturation and, at the same time, prevents image degradation when it is used for a long time. The technology digitally reflects the light of Pico projector onto a screen, resulting into stunning pictures, which is also facilitated by the contrast ration of 1000:1.

Despite its tiny size, the Pico Projector is able to project up to 60 inches of images on any surface, thus increasing the number of places where the users can capture their favorite photos or videos. It also comes with LED light source that lasts more than 20,000 hours, extending the experience of the users. Users also have the option of recharging the battery using the AC power adapter or the USB cable- whichever is more convenient to them.

Ease of Use

Using the Pico projector is very easy- all users need to do is connect it, turn it on and project. This makes it easy for the users to share images, even on an impromptu situation. With these features, the Pico projector is one of the best products for sharing Personal media and making business presentations, thanks to the technology it comes with.