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Create New Documents Quickly and Easily in Smart Phones

Whether you are a teacher, an accountant, or a manager, you are probably dealing with different documents on a daily basis. Back in the past, there was a messy pile of papers on your desk, and now numerous files scattered around various folders on the computer. Apart from existing documents, there is a constant need for creating new ones: another report, lesson plan, presentation, business offer and so on. Wouldn’t be nice to create such documents in a few minutes and dedicate the rest of your time to other things you like?

Fortunately, there is a little trick that can be of help. Given that most of these documents have a repetitive character, it would be a pity not to reuse your old files, already written, and make your work considerably easier. In other words, simply use again the parts you need from the current documents and create a new document in no time.

In addition, all of this can be done on your mobile device. Therefore, everything can be done immediately, without delaying and waiting for a convenient moment when you reach your computer.

The only thing you need is one app – PDF to Word Converter. Since many documents are preserved in PDF file format that is difficult to modify, you need a tool that will make PDF files editable and this converter will give you a hand.

PDF to Word Converter accurately extracts data from PDFs into editable MS Word documents right on your iPhone, iPad or Android. Thanks to the latest OCR technology, it offers excellent recognition and conversion quality. Besides, there are some other significant characteristics:

  • Unrestricted number of converted files regardless their size
  • Scanned and complex PDFs are convertible, too
  • It’s possible to convert documents from Gmail and cloud services

Moreover, it is accompanied by an uncomplicated design and intuitive interface. This means that there is no redundant, difficult navigation, just a few simple taps.

  1. Download PDF to Word Converter from the App Store or Google play. No registration or account creation required.
    Pdf Covertor
  2. Choose a document you want to convert by tapping on the Your Phone option or any of cloud storage icons offered.
    Create Document in Android
  3. Once the file is converted, open it in Word app and start editing.

And there you go! You’ve created a new document effortlessly and in a flash. Now you can move to something else and get more work done or reward yourself with something you like. It’s up to you!

Create New Documents Quickly and Easily in Smart Phones
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