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Free Smartphone Storage Without Deleting content

Storage or memory is where your device stores apps, data and the operating system files it needs to keep. And where we can store the data. It is long term memory.
Storage can be divided in 2 categories

1. Internal memory storage
The internal memory is the total amount of the information your phone can hold. So when a maker says the phone has 16GB internal memory, it can hold 16GB of data. But the actual storage is always less because the way it is formatted.

2. External memory storage
External memory which is sometimes called backing store or secondary memory, allows the permanent storage of large quantities of data. Some method of magnetic recording on magnetic disks or tapes is most commonly used.

Here we are going to explain a steps by which you can free Your Device internal memory storage

Clear Cached Data
Cash data means unnecessary data which is used by phone which is not useful for you. so the following settings will help you to delete all unnecessary data which in running on your phone. It will not harm any actual or original file and data. It will only delete the cash data.

How can you clear cash data?

  • Go in settings >> storage >> internal storage >> cashed data
  • It will give you a pop up box, Tap on ok button. Then it will clear all cash data. And internal storage memory will be free.

Clear Miscellaneous Files
Clear all miscellaneous files or data which may be kb’s and mb’s in size which is not useful for you. Select that all files and delete it.
How can you clear miscellaneous files?

  • Go in settings >> storage >> internal storage >> misc. or miscellaneous files.
  • Select the files which is not useful for you. and delete that all files.

Move Apps To SD Card
Which apps is not useful for you, uninstall it. and you can move those apps from internal storage to external storage.

Clean Junk Files
Junk files are created by other programs, that writes temporary files during installation and when running the programs or apps. you need to clear all junk files to free your internal storage.
Steps to Clear junk files from your smartphone device?

  1. Install turbo cleaner application from play store.
  2. Open it and click on junk files.
  3. It will calculate all junk files. After calculation tap on the button which is given you to at the bottom of the center in the screen.

Decrease a Size Of Photos
You can take back up of all photos that you can’t delete and free up a storage of phone. You can resize a photo using resize tool. After that many storage will be free.

Delete Unnecessary Folders
Find out unnecessary folder and delete it because folders consumes more memory. And you also can move the folders to external storage.

Clear Cash Data of All Applications

  • Go in application manager
  • Open all applications and which application consumes more data delete it. For delete data click on clear data.
  • When you will click on clear data, it will give a pop-up box for confirmation of deletion so click on YES button.

Add Micro SD Card
Sd card is external storage card which adds extra storage in phone. So add the Micro SD card and move the photos, videos, and other folders or data in it. It can vary like 2GB , 4GB ,8GB, 16GB,32GB etc..

Free Smartphone Storage Without Deleting content
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