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How to get 750 Rs cashback from Bhim App

Bhim app has become more popular app in Google play store. It’s attractive offer and promoting strategy helps it to become more popular. Download of users are increasing regularly. You may surprise to here that you can get a chance to get 750 Rs cashback within a month. The central government is offering attractive cashback offer which people can use from this app. The central government wants to promote cashless transaction using this marketing strategy and they want to beat their private competitors. Bhim app has come with better offer compare to Google Tez, Paytm and Phonepe.

This cashback offer is available with special limitation which gives benefits on making transaction from this app. So, let’s see how to get 750 Rs cashbach using Bhim app.

How to get 750 Rs cashback from Bhim App

Bhim App offers limitation and cash back amount

First Transaction avail offer: This offer valid for new user only. To get benefit of this offer you have to install Bhim app from Google play store. There is no limitation for transaction. After installation you need to make 1 Rs. transaction on this app. If you are a new user of bhim then you will get 51 Rs. cashback after making 1 Rs. transaction. If you aren’t a new user of this app then you can’t take benefit of this offer.

Unique Transaction offer (500 Cash back each month): This offer is valid if you do 20 unique transactions within one month. There is amount spend limits, you have to spend more than 100 Rs per transaction. If you make 20 unique transactions more than 100 Rs. within running month then you will get 500 Rs. cashback per month. It means you will get 25 Rs. Cashback per unique transaction.

More Than 25 Transactions: If you perform more than 25 unique transactions within running month then you will get 100 Rs additional cashback. If you make more than 50 unique transactions within one month then you will get 200 Rs extra cash back.  If you make more than 100 unique transactions inside one month then you will get 250 Rs. extra cash back. The cashback depends on total number of transaction per month. The minimum value per transaction is 10 Rs.

Note: You will not get cashback immediately after transaction it may take time up to 40 days. The Payment will be credited on your bank account directly.

So this is how using Bhim app you can get 750 Rs. Cashback.