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Information about Super Tuesday held on 1st March 2016

Here I am sharing complete information about Super Tuesday. During search in Google search bar I found many fantastic questions about Super Tuesday.

What is Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday refers one or more Tuesdays early in a US presidential primary season. Primary election held on that day.

Why is Super Tuesday Important?

USA president election is the most important things for US. Citizen has to elect their president on this day. People have to opt between two major political parties Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The results of the presidential primaries and caucuses bind many of these delegates, known as pledged delegates, to vote for a particular candidate.

When is Super Tuesday?

In 2016, Super Tuesday is on March 1st. It’s not an official term. The word “Super Tuesday” is used for president election since 1976. This date has been dubbed the “SEC Primary” since many of the participating states are characterize in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), a U.S. college athletics league.

Which states vote on Super Tuesday?

Below are list of states which are going to take part in election
Colorado (with caucuses)
Minnesota (with caucuses)
American Samoa (as participating territory)

How many delegates on Super Tuesday?

The Republican candidates can win about half of the 1,237 delegates needed. The two remaining Democrats are after 880 delegates, roughly one-third of those needed to win. The number of delegates from Texas is much greater than the other states: 155 for Republicans and 252 for Democrats.


Information about Super Tuesday held on 1st March 2016
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