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What is Laser Pico Projector

Since the inception of Pico projectors, they have advanced immensely over the years. This is not only in terms if design but technology as well. It is due to this fact that laser Pico projector is known to have several features, high theater quality capabilities and a design that makes it easy to use with different types of applications. They are also pocket size and can be bundled up with different other gadgets such as PCs and cell phones.


Features incorporated in laser Pico projector make the gadgets an appealing addition in the lives of most people. Some of these include the following.

  • Lamp life: Most of the laser Pico projector models available in the market have approximately 20,000 hours or more of light source. That translates to forty hours usage every week and while the light is susceptible to get dimmer with time, it does not completely blackout at once and this aspect makes it an appealing choice.
  • Composite video: Laser Pico projector comes with input composite video. As such, it’s used with DVD players, digital cameras, camcorders and a variety of other gadgets. Additionally, the quality is also of a high standard.
  • Batteries: Yet another feature incorporated in the laser Pico projector. Depending on the model selected, they last for one hour after every charging session. In order to get fully recharged, it takes three to five hours and there are some that come with the option of receiving an extra battery.


There are several highlights that make laser Pico projector stand out from the rest of projectors in the market. These are as highlighted below and they are the major reasons that make most people prefer to use the same.

  • Size: While most are designed to be pocket size, they come in different shapes and as such, there are some which are ½ inches thick.
  • They use stable light sources such as led or laser rather than the traditional lamp projections.
  • High resolution that makes pictures more clear and concise.
  • When using rechargeable batteries laser Pico projector runs for four hours or less.
  • Comes with multimedia players and memory slot cards. Additionally include USB which increases the level of compatible with other gadgets.
  • Comes with features that increase the picture quality in terms of color.
  • Due to the brightness, laser Pico projector comes in handy for the purposes of making presentations.

With the laser Pico projector, you also get a devise that that is flexible. They have the ability of shinning on wall images, sheets of paper, back of some airplane seats and ceilings among other places. As such, laser Pico projector can be used at your own convenience. Despite this fact, always remember the quality of the images displayed is highly dependant on the type of reflective surface used. Consequently, the color of the surface used should be natural for more accurate results. The best thing about the laser Pico projector is the affordability of the gadget. It is an aspect that makes it easily accessible to most people and hence, increasing the appeal of laser Pico projector further.