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Mandatory missing feature of Whatsapp Chat App

Whatsapp messenger is revolution of chat system. They crashed almost all smart phone messenger app such as yahoo, AIM, gtalk, line, Orkut chat, facebook chat etc and become favorite for all android, iPhone, backberry and windows phones. The easy use, free useful function and feature helped it to become more popular.

Today we can find whatsapp in all smart phones gadgets. Even though there’re many features which are missing in this app. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Missing features of Whatsapp

Chat with temporary number

Chat with temporary numberYou can’t chat directly with any number directly, you have to save the user whatsapp number first and then ping him/her to start chat process and exchange contents. Sometimes you need one time chat with whatsapp user like send images of product to client, address to courier person etc. There are few techniques which can help you to chat in whatsapp without save the number.

Image size and sending limits

Image size and sending limitsHave you noticed that capture images of camera or other size it less than original one? Officially whatsapp says to support 16MB of images and video size to send and receive but in reality the video size remain same when you receive. Image file size decreases and adjusts automatically when you receive it. Pixel size of image will be downed in receiver phone. Sometimes large documents also not supported by whatsapp. You can’t send more than 30 photos in one time. You will get down quality of photos.

Save contact Number

Currently you can not save the number if messages are coming from unknown numbers. Sometime the situation arise when you want to save the contact number of messages which comes from new numbers.

Preview of Voice message

You can record your voice to send someone but the receiver may have problem in listening if it not recorded properly. Whatsapp does not allow preview of this voice message.

Whatsapp Payment gateway

There are many businesses are running in whatsapp platform. Because it keep track of each record of chat and other related contents. However to make business successful you have to send/receive payments which is only possible from third party payment gateway. Whatsapp know everything and they should start their own payment gateway like paytm, paypal, amazon payment, world pay etc.

Image Effect in Whatsapp

We can’t share images by applying effects of queen, fly, angel, ghost etc like instagram. We can change background, contrast, brightness, color or crop any image in whatsapp. You have to depend on third party app to apply those effects and share it.

Secure Chat option

Secure Chat

Sometimes you may have personal or contents which you want to hide it from others. Currently if anybody knows your lock pattern or password he/she can read your whole whatsapp contents. There is a need of some password or strong restriction other than archive to secure group or individual chats from others.

Sort key to Mark as Read

Sort key to Mark as ReadYou may see thousand of messages if your phone isn’t connected with internet for one day. It’s only possible if you’re member of many groups and regularly use whatsapp. You can’t read all messages. There’s a need come sort cut by which we can select those messages and mark them as a read like email system.

Cellular Call Option

Cellular Call OptionYou will see call option after every whatsapp contacts numbers, however when you will press the phone call icon button it will start whatsapp calling rather than cellular SIM call. Users are looking for an option to call either whatsapp call or cellular call.

Find who checked my Profile picture

Users change their profile pictures frequently when they visit some places or capture some good images. Whatsapp users are looking for a feature by which they can find who downloaded our profile picture.

Users can upload picture, video, text in status but status keep active for 24 hours only and provide the contact details that watched it.

Default message to send for new Group member

Default message to send for new Group memberSometimes we make group for specific purpose or social activity such as matrimonial, jobs etc. In that admin has ability to add new group members but new member is not aware with rules and may post unrelated content in that particular group which is not allowed. Admin need such feature by which immediate new group member aware the purpose of group with default message feature for new group members.

Message forwarding in WhatsApp for Web

While you can simply forward any messages to others group or WhatsApp users from your phone, the same can’t be done if you are using the Web client. A feature as basic as this shouldn’t remain missing for long.

After sometime whatsapp working on beta version to find forwarded messages.

Let me know if you find more required missing feature of Whatsapp.