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Whatsapp new Features to Save from Spam Posts

Whatsapp is working on a new feature to prevent spam posts being circulating in large numbers. In this feature, if spam post is forwarded to any other group or group of the same group then it will appear as ‘forwarded message’.

Whatsapp New Features to Save Spam Posts

Look for ‘forwarded message’ written

If spammers forward such messages to a large number groups then every post will appear as ‘forwarded message’ written above on it. This feature has been viewed by which follows the 2.18.67 version of Whatsapp Google Play Beta program. It has been reported on the website that ‘Whatsapp is going to bring a new feature by which any message will be sent to any other chat and forwarded message will be seen in front of it. A bubble will appear in front of the message. Whenever messages will be forwarded at any time you will see the bubble in front of them.

What will do the Next update of Whatsapp

Any spammer sends spam items to many users by taking data from their contact list, data from the Internet, or taking data from users from any registration service. These messages may contain unwanted ads, fake news and such messages ask you to send to your contacts and groups. Now Whatsapp does not chunk any message unless it is sent more than 25 times.

Whatsapp is also considering linking feature for forwarding stickers to other chats which can be available on WhatsApp in the future. Both of these features are currently being worked out and can be available in the next software update of Whatsapp chat.