Android 9.0 Pie operating system updates and feature

Google Android has released a machine learning AI-based operating system which provide features to adjust less, scroll less, charge less, and tap less called Android 9.0 Pie. Android 9 provides full harness power control of artificial intelligence to make your phone smarter, faster, and adapts to use it. Android 9.0 tailored you, adapts to you, and how you can use the phone, learning your preferences as you go which gets you better over time experience and keeps your system running smoother, long-lasting.

Android 9.0 Pie features specification


Android 9.0 offers new convenience menu by which you can perform complicated actions such as capturing screenshot and navigating menu with one hand. Android 9 supports OCR in camera view. You can select text from screen and content will be readable by selecting to speak loudly.

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 Battery & Brightness

Android 9 provides adaptive battery life with a single charge. That will teach you how to use your phone, reduce your battery usage when your apps and services aren’t in use, your battery will not much. By turning on battery saver features, you can save your power and increase your battery life. Adaptive battery uses machine learning to predict by which you can control apps usability.

Don’t panic about changing your phone brightness, you can set auto adjustment your brightness with easy click option. Adaptive Brightness fixes your screen’s brightness in different lighting environments. The background restrictions settings will restrict certain apps which uses too much battery of your phone.


Android 9 supports multi camera that means users can create immersive streaming experiences by connecting two or more physical camera and android 9 also supports external USB / UVC cameras on certain devices.

Digital Wellbeing

Google has developed digital wellbeing technology in android 9.0 that will not distract you. Android is introducing kind set of tools which teach you how to use your phone and make any adjustment.

You can track your daily activity using Google dashboard. You can check your spending time on any app and get daily app usage report. By managing this activity you can review how many notification you have received and how much time you have spend on particular apps.

You can set up daily app limits by app timers. It will set app closing time, so when your time will over your app icon will become gray (disable) automatically. It introduces you a massive feature by which using you can set up your daily schedule to get your phone automatically in sleep mode which is called as “Wind Down” and you can pause your notification by “Do not disturb”. You can easily activate and deactivate any time by one click.

If you want to try Digital Wellbeing and you have Google pixel then without any waiting experience it by installing beta version because Google rolled out this feature in beta version for testing purpose.


Using display cutout you can make available screen space and use it. An edge-to-edge screen supports 18:9 ratios with display cutouts.


Android users can share single screen with other dedicated devices. It will be beneficial to shift workers or public kiosks. You can view visually all your work and apps in one place and when your get off from work you can easily turn off by a simple toggle.


Android 9 connect up to five Bluetooth devices and switch among them individually. No more problem of missed call, now incoming call can send through multiple Bluetooth connections. Android 9 supports headsets with delay sound reporting using this you can stay sync with video on your all device and audio in your headphones. Your Bluetooth device remembers last volume set for each of Bluetooth devices. HDR VP9 Profile 2 improves the brightness and color range of YouTube and Google Play Movies which improves the picture quality and HD Audio delivers clearer, sharper, and richer audio quality sound. Android 9 supports HEIF photos to improve compression of picture and reduce the amount of storage.


Messaging apps have suggested ‘smart replies’ in notification bar by responding a tap and inline reply drafts will not disappear when you navigate, you will able to see sent  images by your friends right in the notification area.

Upcoming features of Android 2018

Quick way to turn off notifications apps to manage notifications features. Now, you only can only receive those notifications which are helpful for you.

Privacy & Security

Greater security of android backups with a client-side secret (the device PIN, pattern or password) by enabling encryption features.

Android 9 has introduced new security features includes a standardized biometric authentication prompt to provide more consistent authentication experience across Android called Android biometric prompt.

Get your confirmation for sensitive transaction with secure hardware. Android restricts access from your phone’s microphone, camera and other sensors when your app is running in background.

System Usability Enhancements

View calendar events and weather in your Lock Screen. Modify all your toggles, plus updated visual design and added informational subtext quickly. Let you control media volume, quickly toggle call and notification volume settings instantly by accessible volume controls.  You can take screenshots from the power menu and draw, annotate, crop them quickly on android devices. Control your phone’s display rotation with a simple button.

Intuitive Navigation

Provide easy navigation you can switch apps easily and you feel naturally using gesture instead of buttons. You can manually redesign your Android’s navigation system to make your search more easily.

App Actions

Google has powered you machine learning concept which will predict ourselves what user wants on specific moment. It will automatically observe what user is thinking about. So, user does their task quickly. It will bring result according to user idea and user can use them on daily basis like Adapts for your morning commute, at work, and when you use headphones.


Slices will make your search app faster and bring you most relevant result at your favorite apps surface. I.e. if you search about iPhone X it will provides all information about it and also like prices and approximate distance area right within your results.

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