Apple Air Tags: what and how they work

A device designed to track your wallet, key, or bag like stuff in case you have lost it.

In May 2020 accidentally apple has shown Apple Tags device name into the live event. later on, a device known as Air Tags. There are devices available like Tile which can fix on your stuff and give nearby locations via Bluetooth once lost.

What is Air Tags?

A small tile-like device that can fix on your stuff to track location to find your lost stuff which is deeply integrated with iOS.

How Air Tags works?

It has built-in chips that allow us to connect and track via Find My app on the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook.

The design of Air Tags is like a round white button and Apple logo on the front side of the device. The device is able to attach with stuff via adhesive or ring. There may be multiple ways to use them as well.

How will tracking with Air Tags works?

A new Air Tags is available under the new tab into the Find My app in Apple device for your family and friends. The app will show up a map or list of your recent locations to find your lost stuff. In case you lose an item that has Air Tags at that moment you will receive notification after that you can press the button within Find My app and Air Tags device starts to ring loudly to show exact place. Augment Reality and Bluetooth play an important role to track your lost stuff. A series of code in iOS 13 that can able to track your foot movements to track your nearby lost stuff.

Apple is using a balloon symbol to show your nearby stuff for that you have just walk around and moved up and down your phone till balloon formation comes into view. In other situations, if your Air Tags is far you can enable lost device option within Find My app by doing this all your contact will be uploaded into your Air Tags if any of your contacts passed nearby your lost item. Your contact and you will get the notification for the same or you can call to intimate your friends and family.

Safe location ?

You can also set up safe location boundaries for home or office, get notified once stuff goes outside of a safe location. You can share the location with family and friends as well. If your device lost and you are in the direction of the lost stuff your device and Air Tag sound will increase as you are going nearby. Ultra-Wideband Chip U1 increases the accuracy of your device location in case you lost your device, Bluetooth and AR enhance the user experience of Air Tags in a short distance.

A battery of Air Tag will have a year life and coin type replaceable CR 2032 battery fix on the backside cover of the device. Air Tags device will be waterproof.

WWDC 2020 event was online due to COVID 19 outbreak, as far as no official news came from Apple spokesperson till now. Rumors are Air Tag App especially works with iOS 14? a location tracker to track your device, availability of device or when on sale is not clear, cost of the device and Air Tag enable tracking without WiFi or cellular data but works on Ultra Widen Radio technology to track down your stuff.

The price band for this device will be around $35 to $40 and Apple is planning to launch a device in the third quarter of 2020.

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