Why you should not avoid affordable SEO packages for your Business?

SEO denotes search engine optimization; it helps the users to regulate the quality traffic towards their website. It also helps these sites in reaching their target audience. There are various kinds of SEO packages available, including cheap SEO packages as well as expensive ones. The affordable ones can also turn out to be as beneficial and efficient in building a website as other expensive ones. These help in ranking the sites on the first page as an individual search with the help of keywords. Benefits of Cheap and Affordable SEO Packages Whenever…

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How to Boost your website/Blog Alexa Rank Dramatically

Boost Alexa Rank

We were capable to major any domain worth by Google page rank, alexa rank, moz, DA, PA and other tools. But now Google has confirmed with search engine land that they are removing page rank toolbar. You will not find PR update for new or old domains anymore. Now alexa is very effective and useful tool after Google PR. The sites with Good alexa rank receive more enquiries for sponsor posts and advertisement. What is alexa? Alexa is the internet information Provider company that offers a toolbar for users. This…

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The Importance of Visual Media in Your Business’s Online Campaign

Understanding with Graphics

Social media is no longer just about text. The marketing landscape is changing; images and videos are becoming a bigger part of branding campaigns. This is a natural progression as consumers become more tech savvy and are less willing to spend time reading text. What is Visual Media Visual media is using pictures, video, and logos to communicate with others. It is becoming the most popular choice for social marketers hoping to extend their brand to a wider audience. It is also useful for reinvigorating a brand since there is…

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10 Tips for Making a Great Facebook Page for Business Owners

Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a great tool for small companies. Setting up a page can lead to loyal customers and brand recognition. Keep these tips in mind when creating your first Facebook page. Set a Clear goal for the page Don’t create a Facebook page just to say your business has a page. Decide on a clear goal and stick to it. Do you want to create new customers or focus on the existing base? Do you want a one-stop location for Facebook and Internet users? Decide why the Facebook page exists…

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Features of Google new kid’s version Search Engine Kiddle

Kid's Search Engine

The division of Google safe search has launched Kid’s version search engine known as Kiddle. Let’s take a look on feature, importance and use. Unlike Google, Kiddle is more visual with graphics, kids friendly but slower. You can block adult search engine from your children’s pc and allow them to use only family friendly search engine. The search results for any query display with associated thumbnail. Friendly Results All the top output results appear by robots are children friendly. 1-3 results are safe sites and made only for kids which…

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Get rid on inactive accounts and domains from Google Analytics

Your Google analytics may carry many of accounts and associated properties. If you are seo developer or technical professional than the number of accounts are higher than expected. We don’t like to renew domains which are not performing well; in that case your domain will be down automatically. If you will not delete those inactive properties from your analytics then it will full with junk data. It’s not hard to remove those unwanted property or entire account but in absence of enough online information people avoid it. Here below are…

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Integration between Bingads Network and Google Analytics

Most of users are not aware that bingads network can generate good revenue. Bing ads can spread your ad material over yahoo, bing, msn, aol and many other networks. Keep in mind that 35% of searches are made in those search engines. Bingads network is cheaper than google adwords, so people are attracting bing to promote their products/services etc. Revenue of any investment can’t be judged without proper tracking and analysis. Google Adwords has very good features to track the goal conversion, customer behavior, searches etc information in details. But…

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