How to get New branded Smartphone free from Flipkart?

Flipkart comes with new offers; you will get 100 percent cash back in your bank account which you spend on buying the phone. Flipkart is the first industry who is offering “Smart Pack”. Flipkart Smart Pack launched to make Smartphone purchase more affordable. Smart pack is the smartest way to buy a Smartphone. Flipkart SmartPack subscribers can get up to 100 percent refund on the initial price of the smartphone if they return the device after 18 months in any working condition. Flipkart will only accept the Smartphone if the…

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How to unlock Locked Android Phone Without real Users?

Generally, if we talk about phone password then it is used to protect your device from accessing from strangers and this is a way to protect your data and files. Sometimes in emergency situation we are in need to open someones smartphone, such as accident, emergency calls to contacts and when you forget your pass code. Hello Friends today I come up with some best tips to help out several Android users and best methods that will help you to unlock your Android device even if you’re not the phone owner.…

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telegram better than whatsapp

Currently Whatsapp is widely used messenger app in the world but I am sure you will love telegram messenger app after reading this article. Telegram has more features such as supports chatting, Video Call, Voice Call and other Social Media activities when comparing with WhatsApp. After whatsapp the Telegram is developed in 2013 by Nikolai and Pavel Durov brothers, who had founded the popular Russian Social Network VK. They had to leave the company after it was acquired by Secret Chat Telegram has end -to –end encryption chat features…

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How to change and set desired iPhone ringtone

Customize iPhone ringtone

iPhone is a most popular smartphone in all over world, It’s features are different from other smartphones. It’s uniqueness is make them different in global smartphone market. In this article, we will be explain different methods for how to change the ringtone in iphone, learn how to change the sound that you hear when you get a call, text, email, or other notification on your iPhone. How to change your ringtone Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Under Sounds and Vibrations Patterns, tap the sound that you want to…

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Instagram Troubleshooting to access Camera & Gallery contents in iPhone and Android devices

Instagram Troubleshooting

If you aren’t able to get all your gallery contents in Instagram library account then read this article and complete troubleshooting of step by step for iphone and Android users. Permission issue of App iPhone and other iOS users Not grant permission issue to instagram app is the common and 90% problem can be solve out from this.  Grant permission in ios Devices Granting permission in iPhone is little bit tricky  because operating iOS devices are completely different then android. And if you’re just converted to iOS then you may…

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Run your smartphone battery up to five days

Battery Saving Code

Useful methods to run your smart phone android and iOS device battery up to 5 days with all working function without compromise. Normally we have habits to charge our phones once in a day and after 100% charge we disconnect power socket with mobile. After continue use battery goes down to 80%, 60%, 40% and vice versa. But if your battery drains instant compare to other same brand and model then you should think about it. In this article I am going to tell you amazing secret code and 4…

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Share your virtual contact number without sharing real Number

Nowadays contact detail is a mandatory field for getting essential services and online shopping. But there are many disadvantages if you share your contact details everywhere. Getting spam calls and messages are always a massive problem if you provide real contact details to any place. Police doesn’t recommend for ladies and girls to share their contact details to avoid safety and privacy issues. Anyone can check your social media DP picture and status. They might get threat calls. Thank god we have mobile app developers who develop many useful apps…

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100% working methods to get free internet for Android devices in 2020

Free Internet Android 2020

Often I research to get free internet fro your smartphone device without spending money. You may have read my previous article about free internet for android but some of them methods may not work anymore. So after some level of research and I had tried some methods myself and I want to share different tricks to get free internet. Secret codes for free internet Every android devices have inbuilt secret codes. Using this secret code tricks you can get free internet if do properly and you can run internet after…

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Troubleshooting of iPhone Backup Error During Global iCloud Storage

Generally people like iphones because of global iCloud feature by which you can restore backup of all your important data in any new or old device by simple iCloud login. iCloud backup stores your contact, mails, messages etc important database. And iPhone has ability to take back up timely without delay. Apple Company is very ambitious for their earning and they don’t leave you without recurring payments. And that’s why they only offer 5GB free icloud space for any iOS users. For additional storage you have to pay monthly recurring…

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How to free iCloud Storage in iOS devices without Erasing data

We buy ios devices because of the icloud storage features, by this way we can access all our data from any ios device with simple login credential. You don’t need to copy data from one device to other device like android devices. New iPhone release almost every year with latest features which attract users to buy them, and we get all important data access in new device from our icloud login. But apple offers only 5 GB storage for free icloud users. You have to upgrade your membership to increase…

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