Easy Method to Open HEIC iOS image Files in Android

By default any iPhone or iOS devices click images from their camera in *.HEIC file format. And you can view those image files only in ios devices in original format. We may share those files in real size as a document sharing in whatsapp or Google photos but you may face a problem to view it for android devices.

What is HEIC file format?

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Container) is the file format used by Apple devices to store photos. Those files can be viewable in original format from Apple to Apple devices by idrop sharing.

Apple is the first major adopter of the format in 2017 with the introduction of iOS 11 using HEIC variant. In many systems, HEIC format are converted automatically to the older JPEG format when they are sent outside of the system.

Before performing this process doesn’t try to open those files forcefully in any other existing app of android device because android isn’t support HEIC files. You may share those photos from iphone to android using whatsapp or telegram without their original file size.

Different real methods to open HEIC in android


Opening HEIC files using dropbox is most popular methods for android users. Dropbox is one of the shared storage service file viewer, which can be utilized to view HEIC on your Android device. The app is capable to view HEIC files in android devices.

Step 1. Download and install dropbox app in android and iphone devices.

Step 2. Add heic files in dropbox folder from iOS device and view them in your other android devices. You can view those files in any devices sharing same dropbox login credentials.

Email and Google Drive

This method is best if don’t wish to install dropbox or any thirs party app which converts HEIC to jpeg. Just use your email account to share and then view HEIC files on your Android device.

Just send yourself all the HEIC files from your iOS device from any email address to other email address holding android smart phone system.

Step 1. Open Photos app on your iOS device, select all photos you want to view on Android, and choose share followed by email (Gmail or any other email service you use).

Step 2. Type the email of your android device and subject line and send.

Step 3.  Open the inbox of Android device email account, you will be able to download and view HEIC files.

You can also try uploading the HEIC image files in your google drive folder from iPhone devices and viewing them in any other android or windows system by opening the specific Google drives files or folder of iOS image file.

You can view them by generating common shareable link or specific shared email accounts.

HEIC converter Apps

Above both methods works if you don’t have requirement HEIC view often. For regular use you must need a professional HEIC to JPEG convertor apps.

There are many android and ios apps are available in Google play store and iTune store which can easily convert all your favourite and useful iOS image file format to android image file format. Here below I am sharing some of very popular apps.

iPhone users try HEIC Converter, (The search query shows many free iphone apps). HEIC Converter, HEIC to JPG, HEIC: JPG, PNG Converter, HEIC Convert JPG, Luma: Convert Heic 2 Jpg, HEIC Convert and many more you can find there.

Android Users try to search heic to jpg converter in Google play store, HEIC to JPG Free Converter, Heic to JPG Converter Free, Luma are some popular and well rated android apps.

Windows users try Convert HEIC to JPG query to get the best converter tool. The process to convert HEIC files is almost same for all above apps. Open the app in particular devices, upload desirable iOS image files, press convert and download JPEG files.

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