How to extend your Mobile battery Life

Battery is the most important element for the phone, Mostly today’s mobile companies try to make a thin smartphones and for that they do the compromise with a battery. So you can’t use a battery for long time with using all facilities. But you can extend battery life using some simple steps or simple settings changes.

Using some careful method you can extend your mobile battery life.

  • Try to protect your phone from direct sunlight for longer periods.
  • Don’t use local charger, use your mobile company charger.
  • Don’t charge your phone till 100% or don’t use a phone till 0% battery. Whenever you have 10% to 15% battery remaining, charge it.
  • Charge you phone after put it in flight mode. It will take a less time to charge your phone.
  • Don’t use color background because it uses more battery if possible use black background it uses a less battery.

How can you extend a battery life using simple steps

Step 1

  • Turn off radio signals
  • Go to notification bar
  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Turn off the location and navigation toggle

Step 2

  • Set auto brightness

Step 3

  • Set screen lock duration, select sleep option and set it to 30/45 seconds.

Step 4

  • Turn off vibration
  • Uncheck the following options
  1. Vibrate on touch
  2. Vibrate when ringing
  3. Vibrate on notification

 Step 5

  • Check battery usage
  • Identify apps which are consume too much battery
  • Click on that app and click on force stop

Step 6

  • Turn off 3G and 4G when traveling, if you need internet in travelling then use 2G net.

You can extend your battery using settings changes.

  1. Go in the setting menu and click on the “about device”.
  2. After that find a build number in “About device”. Scroll it then you will get it.
  3. Tap on build number button 4-5 times after that you get a “developer option”.
  4. Open that developer option ,in this option you will get a 3 settings that is given in following snapshot, then reduce the time limit of it one by one of all, by default it will 1 second, reduce it to 0.5 second.

Extend your battery life using application

  1. Go in Google and search a greenify application and install it.
  2. Then open it. It will show a plus (+) button at the top of the right corner in the screen .click on it.
  3. Then there is given one option that is “show more apps”. Click on it
  4. Then select the apps which you don’t want to run as a background app and click on check mark symbol.

Using this method you can extend your battery life easily.

Another settings is also useful to save a battery life

  1. Go in settings >> battery
  2. It will show you in percentage where your battery is using more.
  3. In this battery option there are at the top of the right corner giving a 3 doted symbol. Click on it. It will give 2 options
    Battery saver and Battery optimization
  4. Click on battery saver option. And there are giving one option that is “turn automatically”, click on it. And select option whichever you think appropriate for your phone .It can be either 5% or 15%.

After using this all ways you can save your 40-50% battery.