How to Hack and Cheat Pokemon GO

We all know that cheating and hacking are not ethical in anyways. You have to hide yourself to from being caught. Pokemon Go also has some limitation to play their games however it’s very complicate to clear all the level of this game. You need to buy poke coins to get extra tools and feature for moving in more advance level.

The system of Pokemon Go banned your account permanently if found any unethical methods which give you more feature to play their game. Switching from one place to another place frequently highlight your account in system for punishment. Here I am going to share with you some methods and tools by which you actually move in GPS location so your account never bans either android or ios. Different pokemon toys are available now in market to play without gadget.

Tips for Both iOS and Android

Hatch eggs faster
You can easily hatch the egg in car or vehicle in traffic area where you don’t need to walk or move continually and your vehicle run slowly. Remember you shouldn’t drive. If you move faster then pokemon go system detect your app to not allow hatch eggs.

Unlimited Incense and Lucky Eggs
User need to disable automatic date and time option from setting. Once the automatic function has been turned off, go to the phone’s clock and wind back the time. Don’t enable time for next 30 minutes. In this method player hack the timer on their incense and lucky eggs.

You can increase your Incense or Lucky Egg by turning back your phone time. This method 100% works in all android and iOS devices.

Pikachu as starter Pokemon
Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbosaur are the starter pokemon in this Game. However you have to ignore them to get Pikachu as a fourth pokemon. It will help to increase you Pokecoin and Score as well.

Cydia App for iOS Device

Cydia is a different ios store like. You have preinstalled cydia store in your iOS device, you can download it from install cydia ios 7.1 to 7.1.2

This is the best option if your iPhone or iPad device has jailbroken, you can move your character around and catch different Pikachu. User can walk character around by tap the phone screen from left bottom two half circle. You can increase your walking speed and invisible yourself from other players by settings.

You can select any place from Google map; your character will walk to that place. You may catch any monster if available. You only need to tap your character for moving/walking. This cheat method never bans your account because the software thinking that your character is walking in real. The new version Pangu jailbreak iOS 9.3 is officially released which your allow iPhone without using computer, Yibada reported.

Masterball, PokePatch and tsprotecter8

Masterball helps to bypass jailbreak for Pokemon Go. This app is free and supports all iOS devices. To Install it go to Cydia > Sources > Edit > Add. Enter the source and tap Add Source when a popup appears. Search for Masterball once you have added CokePokes repo.

PokePatch is one of the best option for Masterball. It hides your device’s jailbreak status for all apps. To install PokePatch, add this Cydia source and you can search for the app from it.

Tsprotecter8 is another app to bypass your jailbreak status on all iOS devices. It’s not free you have to buy it from cydia store.

Poke Go++
This app allows chat with other pokemon go players around you via Bluetooth. To install it add repo and you can install Poke Go++ for free. Check your internet connection if you see “POSIX operation timed out” error message.

If you haven’t downloaded this excited game yet then download pokemon go in iOS and Android.

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