How do I resolved mi TV vertical and Horizontal Line issue

When you notice or observe horizontal lines on your MI TV screen then you have to identify the root cause by testing the TV cable connections and external devices are working properly and change HDMI cable and source.

Horizontal or vertical lines appearing on your phone screen is a bad omen. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Well, they don’t usually appear all of a sudden. Something’s caused them, and that’s usually accidental drops or water damage, among other things. In this guide, we’ll explore what might be causing those unusual horizontal or vertical lines and how you can fix them.

How to Fix Horizontal Lines on MI TV

Follow troubleshooting methods to fix mi tv horizontal lines on screen.

If lines Appear on All Channels

If you see lines on all channels, then try to change different input(or to an app) to see lines appear on those as well.

If lines appear on channels or all input then run a picture test.

If Lines Appear During Picture Test

The issue is with TV itself and may require repair service. Before you go for the repair service, then try to factory reset the TV and may find some help to resolve the issue is with software or hardware.

Step 1: Open settings and go for the general menu.

Step 2: Locate and Tap on the reset to initial settings option. Then follow the prompts on TV screen to reset ( if you ask for TV password if you have changed then type that password, if have not changed then enter the default password 0000 or 1234).

If Lines Appear Only on Some Channels

If some channels may come clear picture with no lines means the issue is not related to TV hardware or software. It means you are experiencing a poor signal on those particular channels. Then try following steps.

Using Antenna

Step 1: Enter your manual turning mode( setting>channels>manual Tuning) there you can see the signal strength of your channels.

Step 2: If signal is weak, then check the alignment of your antenna. A slight shift may cause poor signal issue.

Using A Satellite Dish

Step 1: Check whether for stormy or cloudy or other obstructions that may disturb the satellite signal.

Step 2: Try to unplug the satellite receiver to clear its memory and again plug it back. Try again.

Step 3: If issue still exist, contact your satellite provider for further assistance.

Using Cable Box

Step 1: If poor quality on some channels means with the cable box software or broad cast or broadcast provider signal.

Step 2: Unplug the box, plug it back and try again. Then it will clear the cable box memory.

If lines Appear on All Channels, But Not on Other Input Apps

Try using different cables. It includes both coaxial cable from the wall to receive (directly to TV incase of antenna) and the signal cable that goes from the receiver to TV, usually HDMI.

Step 1: If the problem exists with the new cable, then you have to contact your cable provider and ask for new receiver. Because other inputs are working properly and see, the issue is no more likely to be an external device then the TV.

Step 2: After trying new cable and new setup box, next you should contact a professional repair to diagnose the technician issues.


What causes vertical lines on a TV screen?

Vertical lines on a TV appear for the same reasons as horizontal lines: loose cables and wires, screen damage, or a faulty T-Con board. Leaving the TV turned on for too long can also cause vertical lines.

How do I fix my glitchy TV screen?

The steps for fixing lines on your TV will also work to fix TV glitches like flicker and stutter. For example, check the cables and connectors and ensure there’s no issue with your input device.

Why is my TV screen blue?

If your TV screen looks blue, it could be faulty connections, a defective backlight, or incorrect color settings. Some LED TVs naturally have a blue tint, which you can offset by changing the color temperature.

How do I fix screen burn on my TV?

To fix screen burn on a TV, adjust the brightness settings and enable pixel-shift. Sometimes playing a colorful video with fast-moving action for half an hour might help.

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