How to Install Fastag in your vehicle windscreen

Indian Government has mandatory Fastag for cars and big size vehicles which pass through any toll booth of national highway as well express highway from 15 December 2019. You may be charged double if you entered in fastag lane for cash payment in absence of fastag over your car’s windscreen.

Installation of Fas tag sticker is very important hence camera has ability to detect this sticker from 500-meter distance. Here I am going to guide steps for fastag installation over vehicle windscreen. Many drivers install it outside of the windows but it’s wrong. It will get you in trouble when you want go to fastag lane in toll booth. Fastag must be stick inside of the car windscreen.

You can buy your fastag from any authorized NHAI dealers. Here below are steps to follow.

Open pocket received from delivery person carefully.

Fast Tag

Ideal position of installation is just behind car mirror backside inside of windscreen. In short top middle position of windscreen from where it can be viewable from outside. Decide place where you need to stick it before removing sticker glue.

The logic behind mirror is that it doesn’t cover the eye visibility of driver from car windscreen and saves sticker from rain, direct sunlight and other external environmental from damages which improves fastag’s durability.

Ideal Position to Stick

Clear windscreen inside from glass clerner, hand wiper and newspaper. Let it dry for 2-3 minutes.

Clean Windscreen

And make sure 2-3 cm gap between black side and sticker from top.

Open sticker paper from glue side.

Ensure for correct direction installation from left to right & FASTAG letter should be readable. Install slowly start from left to right so it doesn’t leave bubble between glass and sticker.

Left to Right

The black magnet cheap should be visible from outside of windscreen. The high definition camera can detect it quickly from 500 meters distance and you will experience hassle free toll booth riding. Make some recharges and test it on any nearby Toll booth.

Please don’t remove fastag sticker after installation even though it’s not installed correctly because the magnet cheap behind tag is very sensitive and any type damage will result not working on toll booth.

Inside and Outside view of Fastag

Please note that installation process is same for all type of vehicles.

Vehicle category for Fastag

  1. Car, Jeep and Van
  2. Tata Ace & Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle
  3. Light Commercial Vehicle 2 Axle
  4. Mini – Bus
  5. Bus 3 – Axle
  6. Truck 3 – Axle
  7. Bus 2 – Axle
  8. Truck 2 – Axle
  9. Truck 6 – Axle
  10. Tractor / tractor with trailer
  11. Truck 4 – Axle
  12. Truck 5 – Axle
  13. Truck 7 – Axle and above
  14. Earth Moving & heavy Construction Machinery

For cash payment NHAI has provided cash lane on both (Left & Right) sides of toll booth too.

Cash Lane for below condition

  • If your fastag isn’t working
  • If you have purchased new vehicle
  • If you have daily route pass with balance
  • If you are Government authorized person

You need prepaid recharge similar you do with mobile SIM.

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