How to make money with adwords and bingads

You heard correct. I am going to share you my secret formula which I am using for making money by simple methods. The one thing you need to pay is for advertising invoice only. Here below is the proof of my one affiliate program.

Requirement – A simple Adwords or Bingads Networks accounts
Not required – Your own Products, Services

Earning proof using Google adwords and Bingads networks using mobile app affiliate

Advertising Process
Nobody can imagine that we can generate good revenue by using advertising without our own products or services. You should have ability to drive targeted traffic into your ads for good results. So please learn adwords/bingads campaign before start. You can become expert by simply create your accounts and contact their customer support team, they will guide you for more effective revenue. If you’re lucky you can receive their free coupon voucher too.

How it work?
There are many products and services available over the web which is looking for new customers. Hence they are trying to promote their business using affiliation. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. You work as a publisher to drive traffic.

Selection of Affiliate Business
It’s a very important part of this program. Your account may suspend if you are not going to follow their guideline as publisher. Here I am guiding you which type business you should choose.

      • Try to find the business which is not promoting their service/products etc in paid search media. It’s very simple to find using search engine.
      • Ensure they don’t have any objection by any medium traffic such as Porn/Adult/Mature or similar Traffic, RTB, SEM, FB traffic, Fake-Content & Whatsapp promotion etc.
      • Start selection of product/service type from less to higher revenue
      • Choose a program where you’re sure for 90% of goal conversion chance, this is not hard. Let me explain you.

For example I am a customer and I am looking to buy ‘Medichoice lubricant jelly’, my process will be like this.

Search product in search engine – > I may click on ads or natural result links -> Choose my product -> make Payment – > Checkout (For your kind of information no major Adwords available for this product)

In this case, if I click on your ad link and make a purchase then you will directly earn the revenue. I will buy it 100% because I am looking for specific product only, I will not look for any other products.

      • Choose products/service with lower CPC by using keyword researching tool of bing and google. I prefer $0.10 cpc range programs.

Evaluate above terms with particular business which you are going to target. You can use any CPA marketing program for niche selection.

How to get affiliate links
Now, I assume that you’re aware from selection of affiliate business. Now sign up with them, the advertiser affiliation program will give you link/banner/image of their services or products automatically.

Register in selected affiliation program. Some business may need time for approval; they verify user details by phone call and email. But maximum of them approve automatically.

Some program gives tools to generate dynamic user friendly affiliate links too. You can promote those links anywhere over internet.

Start sign up using adwords or bingad networks. I prefer to start with bingads because they are very cheaper than adwords and they spread your ads in yahoo, msn, aol and other search engine. Survey says that 35% people are still using search engines which aren’t interacted with Google.

Simple steps to start

Register – > Select your budget -> Create effective ads – >Target your audience -> See results.

Share your success. Ask me for any more suggestion.

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