How to Recover Smartphone Device damaged from Water or Rain

Most people worry for their phone in monsoon season. The matter becomes more serious when you drive two wheeler or walking without any head cover.  Additionally you have to careful about your phone when you talk in bathroom because there could be chances to wet. If your phone accidently dropped into the water and it’s not a water proof then you need to quickly turn off and don’t try to use again. So, now the question is that how to recover wet Smartphone from Rice?

If your Smartphone have wetted then switch off it soon because wetted phone might be dangerous for you. Remove mobile battery if you’re not able to switch it off. Do not use when your Smartphone has wetted because it can damage phone circuits, PCB, speaker and mike.Absorbs moisture

Remove outer moisture from smart phone with dry and clean cloth after switched off and then wrap it with tissue paper or kitchen towel. So, the water will be absorbed from phone. After that remove SIM card and memory card from phone and then thumps everywhere.

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Put your phone in between rice and cover it. A Rice seeds absorb all moisture of the phone naturally. Keep it stay within rice for 48 in rice

Open back panel of your phone for dry and keep it on surface by direct sun light. Light will absorb all the water of the phone in few minutes. Please don’t keep your phone for long time in sun light.

Ensure about your phone that your battery, SIM card and microSD card are totally dried up before switch it on because every parts of phone are important. You have to recheck manually then go for use. When you check properly and ensured then you can reassemble, install them into the phone.

After the installation process complete, turn it on and take back up important data because there may be chance that some part of your phone has been damaged and your data might be lost. Please share and comment how you recover your gadget if damage from wet.

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