How to send files to android TV?

Access files, movies, videos, web-series, photos and contents of your android smart phone to your android Television using send files to TV app.

Earlier, you did not have any such app with which you can connect your Smart Phone to your Android TV directly, So that you can watch any movies, web series and any big files to your TV And you have to use Pen drive or Bluetooth device of your TV but Nowadays you can easily Install ”SEND FILES TO TV ” App in your android TV to access all of your smart phone data.

Since the app allows transfer of device data over WIFI or INTERNET Network, it is much faster than doing it over the traditional method using bluetooth or pen drive and its works in a longer way.

Have you ever heard about SEND FILES Application?

Send files to TV app transfers simple, easy-to-use, and convenient app to send data from your android devices to screens like Smartphone and smart TV. Send file to TV app allow sending and receiving files, movies, videos, web series, music files, photos and even few apps to your smart  TV. The smart app transfer data and allows the users to send and receives data amongst your smart devices with screens like Smartphone and android TV.

There are number of methods you can use it, but there are some specific methods:-

  1. Make sure your smart phone and android TV are connected to same Wi-Fi network or your personal hotspot.
  2. Download and install the send file to TV application in your smart phone and android TV from Google play store. iPhone users have to pay for similar file sharing apps.
  3. After installation open the send file application on smart phone and android TV.
  4. Click on SEND option your phone.
  5. Then select your TV and send the files, movies, videos, web series, music files or photos you want to send.
  6. On your TV, select the receive option.
  7. You will get file transferred message.
  8. Now go back to check where is your file in your android TV.
  9. Your entire sender file will show in download folder.
  10.  Once, you download the file on your android TV you don’t need to Wi-Fi or internet connections to watch received contents.


  • Users can share media files, with unlimited size without worrying about compressing the data.
  • It is more affordable, comprehensive and smart method which is extremely popular sharing applications like SHAREIT and XENDER as it is capable to SEND FILES to your TV directly.


  • You can send files instantly to your android TV for free and without registration or login requirement.
  • Easy –to-use and fast transfer data.
  • You don’t need any internet connection after receive content in your smart TV.


  • No delete option available.
  • If you use large files to transfer in android TV then make sure your TV has enough space to play the file.

NOTE :-  This application is not available for IOS device.

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