Features of Google new kid’s version Search Engine Kiddle

Kid's Search Engine

The division of Google safe search has launched Kid’s version search engine known as Kiddle. Let’s take a look on feature, importance and use. Unlike Google, Kiddle is more visual with graphics, kids friendly but slower.

You can block adult search engine from your children’s pc and allow them to use only family friendly search engine. The search results for any query display with associated thumbnail.

Friendly Results
All the top output results appear by robots are children friendly. 1-3 results are safe sites and made only for kids which are selected and checked by editorial staff. Results from 4 – 7 are trusted sites but not made for children. The contents are easier to understand by kids and picked up by editorial team. Result from 8 and onwards are safe, famous sites, and written for adults, harder for kids to recognize.

Kiddle.co is developed for children use only. It’s first completely human edited search engine which filter adult content. Even you can’t get results for any porn actor or actress. The robot guard of Kiddle blocks the engine if found any suspicious term in search query and return “Oops, try again!”

It can be operated with or without www. extension and doesn’t contain secure SSL server https://.

You can send keyword blocking request and site blocking request for suspicious keywords and urls too.

No identity or registration is required to use this search engine. The search results derived from your Google cookies. All third party sites appearing in results aren’t managed by Kiddle.

If you are operating kid’s friendly website and it’s not appearing in Kiddle’s search results then you may contact their support team by contact us page and describe your sites. They filter your domain for appearance in search result display.

Maximum of search result demonstrated with big thumbnail and large Ariel fonts which make it easier to understand & readable.

Type of Searches
You can perform four type searches in the kiddle.co

  1. Web
    This option displays top 10 results for valid query. It may show you some sponsor listings too. Unlike Google.com you can’t personalize the search result from 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100.
  2. Images
    This option displays 6 numbers of rows with image title, url and image size.
  3. News
    News section is similar to web option result in appearance. The only difference is it shows result with more realistic images and useful news.
  4. Video
    Youtube videos don’t be at top always and may not contain thumbnails. Result appears with title, description and url.

Here I have tried to give you complete information this new search engine. Please use this new Google product and share your kid’s experience.

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