The Most Important use of GBA4iOS 2.0 emulator

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Maximum iOS device users are using GBA4iOS emulator to play their favorite game. Here I am going to share how to work with GBA4iOS 2.0 version. I believe that you read my previous article of Download and install GBA4iOS for IOS.

How to Operate GBAiOS? How to find and add games in GBA4iOS?

Launch your Emulator – > Tap on top right search icon – > Google home page will open – > Search any ROM which you want to play in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device -> Tap on download and start installation -> After complete download and installation you can play the game.

If you’re using GBA4iOS 1.6 version then progress bar will not display, keep patience. It will diplay message after download. Open it by tap either “Open in GBA4iOS…” or “Open in…” and tap GBA4iOS.

Download the game in your computer using any ROM website. Connect your iPhone or iOS device and open iTunes, then click on your device at top right corner, scroll down to file sharing section. Click GBA4iOS and drag your game to start play.

Download Roms for GBA4iOS Emulators for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device

Game ROM is one of the legal areas to download hacked games. Open GBA4iOS app to download the ROM’s on your iOS device and tap on Search icon. Search your favorite ROM which you want to download and download. There are many ROM websites (,, from where you can download different games.
The game rom belongs to NES, SNES, GBC, GBA or Sega console (non-Dreamcast) search for the game in your favorite browser. After download your favorite game, it will show option where to open title. You only need to select GBA4iOS from top left open in by tapping. The GBA4iOS emulator app will extract the ROM file from the Zipped folder and it’s done.

How to delete games from GBA4iOS?

Swipe to left side on the game which you want to remove, then response to pops up to remove. If you’ve linked the game in dropbox than data will stay active in your account.

What types of games are supported?

GBA4iOS 2.0: Full support for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games
GBA4iOS 1.6: Full support for Game Boy Advance games

How to transfer game files between my device and computer?

You can transfer only save files (.sav), not save states or cheats. Open iTunes with your iOS device plugged in, then click on your device in the top right corner. Click “Apps” at the top of the screen, then scroll to down to the “File Sharing” section. Click GBA4iOS, and now you can drag saves in or out. In any condition your dropbox data will be safe even you delete entire GBA4iOS iOS emulator. You can’t link two devices with Bluetooth or wifi while running game within emulator.

Fast Forward: If you’re expert in any game then you can play the same game in fast forward mode by tap on menu and tap fast forward mode.

Sustain a button: While playing a game, tap the Menu button, then tap “Sustain Button”. Or, if you have an iOS 7 controller connected to your gadget, you can customize one of the buttons to enter sustain button mode whenever it is held down. Once you have complete this, either tap the button you want to stay pressed, or press anyplace there isn’t a button to cancel or un-sustain a before sustained button.

Cheats: You can tap on menu to access cheat codes. You can disable/enable it. You can create new cheat by tap on plus button. Give the name, type of cheat and write a code for cheat.

Game Boy Advance supports GameShark v3, Action Replay, and Code Breaker. Game Boy (Color): GameShark and Game Genie cheats.

Save Games in DropBox from GBA4iOS iOS emulator

To save and play your game in any iOS device you need to synchronize the game with Dropbox. Make sure that dropbox app is preinstalled in your device and active. Tap on setting, scroll down and you will find Dropbox Sync. Tap on it and provide required details if ask, else you it will store in your dropbox account default. You play the same game from where you left it last time in your iOS device or any other iPhone device by login in dropbox and open game in GBA4iOS emulator. If you have stored the ROM’s in your dropbox account, you can sync it with GBA4iOS and install all the games.

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