Increase Mobile Internet Speed 10X faster works for 2G, 3G and 4G in 2019

Imagine you’ve fast internet connection plan but you’re not getting enough internet speed. Those moments are very irritating and we can’t complete our important work in given timeframe due to less internet connection. However, it may be possible that it’s results of your previous mobile mistakes you did. Here I am describing you some tips which will defiantly improve mobile internet power.

  1. Change your APN setting by going into setting – > Wireless and Network – > Mobile Network – > APN.

You may find 2 or 3 APNS provided by ISP, select the best one from them. You can check speed by alternative change APN protocol between IPv4 / IPv6.

  • Type of Network may be issue if you frequent switch between 3G and 4G networks. In mobile network setting choose LTE or WCDMA(4g or 3g). Type *#*#4636#*#* if you’re not sure about your network. Select phone setting network from menu by scrolling down.
  • Disable GPS, normally we need to enable GPS when we are going to some physical location from Google map or other map directions. But if you forget to disable it, it will eat your mobile battery as well internet speed too.
  • Remove app which made to increase android device speed. Actually, they disturb other setting and may decrease your mobile speed.
  • Clear your browser cache and history. Tap on browser -> Tap on three dot (for chrome) on top bar or setting, menu for other browser – > Tap on History – > tap on clear browsing data – > tap on clear data button. Make sure you have selected all your history.
  • Cache clear internet memory by go to -> settings – >Storage – > tap on clean up. It will remove unnecessary junk files.
  • Try to update your android version. Setting -> System -> Software updates. It increases your app download speed as well.
  •  Remove unwanted install apps which are not in use. Each app occupy storage and eat your internet connection by running in background even when they’re not in use. Go to -> Setting – > Apps – > Tap on apps which are not required.
  • Stop synchronising your data with Google servers. It checks for new updates on every 5 minutes and down your internet connection during internet surfing. Keep it disable when not in use. To disable it Go to mobile settings – > tap on accounts. Here you will find different apps which are synchronising with your mobile data. Tab on button to enable or disable it.
  • Some users got massive internet speed by removing facebook app and messenger.
  • To increase wi-fi internet connectivity make sure the signal speed which you receiving from portable hotspot or wi-fi router.

Even if you’re not getting enough speed by applying above setting then try to check your phone hardware, talk customer care service of your ISP provider, scan your mobile for virus, off your background apps running. Check your mobile device to some android expert professionals.

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