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Integration between Bingads Network and Google Analytics

Most of users are not aware that bingads network can generate good revenue. Bing ads can spread your ad material over yahoo, bing, msn, aol and many other networks. Keep in mind that 35% of searches are made in those search engines. Bingads network is cheaper than google adwords, so people are attracting bing to promote their products/services etc.

Revenue of any investment can’t be judged without proper tracking and analysis. Google Adwords has very good features to track the goal conversion, customer behavior, searches etc information in details. But google and bing those are competitors, so you need to perform some additional job to track the bingads visitors behavior. You can do appropriate changes if you have those data in your hand.

The different
You’re all cpc visits of Bing ad network to be considered as bing organic searches in goal setup. Bing offers a goal conversion set up to track your visitor behavior. Here I am going to explain how to setup conversion goal.

Primary Terms
– You should be owner of that account
– If you are handling your client account then you should have rights of super admin

Terms to track

If you are owner or have rights of super admin then

Click setting gear icon of top right -> click accounts and billing (You will have screen as below)

Bing ads and google analytics

Click the pencil icon -> click on check box of Auto-tagging

Bing network visits

Note: If you are not able to click the box then contact customer care executive they can do it for you.

Now click on campaign from top menu – > Click Conversion tracking from middle left menu.

Click on UET tags – > Click on create UET tag – > Enter the name and optional description data and save it.

Here you have two options to copy the code.

JavaScrip and Non Javascript

If your website doesn’t support JavaScript, click the Non-JavaScript tab and repeat the steps above. If you use Non-JavaScript, you can’t track custom events or variable revenue.
UET Tags

Copy the above code and paste into the source code of the pages which you want to track.

Click on conversion goal middle left – > click create conversion goal – > Enter the name of your conversion -> select the type of goal

Bing Goal conversion setup

Select the option how would you like to track your visitors – > Select the tag UET tag which you have just created for this account – > Click save and that’s complete.

Now you’re capable to track all bing ads network visits and your google analytics acquisition -> All traffic – > sources/medium will look like as below image.

Google analytics

Let me know if you’re facing any issue with bing tracking. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.