Reasons to replace sony Xperia Z with Xperia X by Sony

Reason to launch Sony Xperia X

Last days Sony mobile has announced to stop production of Xperia Z series. The company has promised that next generation series will be more adaptive and smart. In future ‘X’ series Xperia is going to take place of ‘Z’ series smart phone.

Additionally company said that Xperia X is an evolution of the Z series. The Smart phone will come with a more powerful camera, battery and software design. Sony has introduced Xperia “X”, “XA” and “X performance” series in mobile world congress event with extensive improvement of feature, design and battery. It will compete with Samsung galaxy S7 with feature like snapdragon 820, waterproof case and 3 GB internal memory.

Let’s discuss top possible reason which forced company to discontinue this phone.

Battery issue
The battery life of this phone is very sort, your phone discharge quickly if you continue use it for 14 hrs as per official statement. The company has faced many complain of battery damage during charge such as heat, not charging, battery effloresce. You should keep on “Stamina Mode” for longer battery performance from power management setting, else your battery down from 100% to 39% after just 2 hours of video play. Your phone will switch off after 8 hours in mobile data active mode.

Weak Screen and Body
Weak body may be the main reason to stop production of this series. The phone screen starts show scratch automatically after 3-4 months normal use. The screen is very sensitive and can crack easily during travel, fall from hand or normal cleaning. There are lots of screen related complains company has faced in past years. Worst type of material used in the making of this smartphone, you can bend this device with your two hands.

Speaker Volume and Camera
The volume of speaker is not as louder as except by people. It occupied with 8 MP camera but the clarity of photos and videos are not effective. 5MP apple can deliver better result than 8MP of xperia Z.

No Flash
This is a very big factor. You cannot click or take video of your favorite moments in night.

The screen is not repairable hence they charge almost half price of phone for new replacement. You have to pay up to 80% amount of mobile phone if you face any issue like screen damage, microphone damage, band and battery damage. The prices of original accessories of phone are quite more too.

Few more negative points
– Xperia Z hasn’t equipped with 4G network support
– Phone heat during battery charging
– The phone supports single GSM micro SIM card only. This can be problem for those who need 2 numbers.
– Microphone start problem after few month of use, you have to speak louder for proper conversion.
– The price is almost above 10K for every series
– Most of software is out dated.
– The on/off switch is not smooth.

Overall the Sony is aware from this problem and replaces the entire device with ‘X’ series phone. If you are smartphone lover then you should try Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge. Review budget iPhone design copy android phone at TechTyre.

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