10 Android App with Virus

Remove 10 spyware infected Mobile apps from Smart phone

I am going to provide details of apps which retrieve data from your handset. Recently mobile app surety firm Appthority has released Enterprise Mobile Security Pulse Report which blacklisted 10 mobile apps. These apps are responsible for data hiking, data liking and root capabilities. So if you’re using that apps then uninstall them immediately or if not then keep them remember to safe from all future threats.

We should appreciate Google Scanner which scan apps frequently and remove such suspected apps from Google play store. Android users should download apps from Google play store, trozan risk is more if app installed from unknown sources.

  1. Android System Theme
    Category – Personalization
    Threat – Malware Found
  2. Boyfriend Tracker
    Category – Not Found
    Threat – Found virus to retrieve IMEI number of phone, data and send it to hackers
  3. Chicken Puzzle
    Category – Game Puzzle
    Threat – Virus Found to track your Location
  4. Device Alive
    Category – Business
    Threat – Can read important data from your email
  5. Ggz Version
    Category – Not Available
    Threat – Malware Found
  6. Poot-Debug (W100).apk
    Category – Tools
    Threat – Malware Found
  7. Star War
    Category – Not Available
    Threat – Malware Found
  8. Weather
    Category – Weather
    Threat – Malware Found
  9. Where’s my Droid Pro
    Category – Tools
    Threat – Malware Found
  10. Wild Crocodile Simulator
    Category – Game- Simulation
    Threat – Malware Found

Follow below steps safe your android mobile safe from Malware

Check permissions: Be alerts with apps that ask for awkward permissions. For example, a theme keyboard app shouldn’t need access to send SMS messages.

Enable a secure lock screen: Change the lock pattern, PIN, or password that is easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.

Update your device: Keep your device updated with the latest security patches and android os updates.

Locate your device: Practice finding your device, because you are far more likely to lose your device than install a PHA.

Google Play Protect: Keep Google Play Protect option enable