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Telecom operator Vodafone has partnered with SaveLIFE Foundation to launch the Road Safe mobile application for Android users in India. The app brings a lots of features focused on safety and help during driving and related emergencies.

The app is available for free to download on Google Play store, so anyone can download it and can use it and the interface of the application is simple to use. To start this application you must have to do registration, after the registration you will redirect to the Home Page has all the features mentioned. If you want to logout from this application and again if you want to do login in it you just have to enter username and password. And you will redirected to the home page of the application.


This app mentions many features using which we can protect our self.

Automatic Crash decoder
This will automatically detect when a user has met with a crash. This function uses an accelerometer to determine whether the vehicle decelerated in a manner similar to a road crash. The function waits for a period of 10 seconds after a sudden drop in speed within which, if the vehicle starts accelerating, the function will not be activated. In case the vehicle does not accelerated even after a period of 10 seconds, a pop up will ask you whether you have been in a crash and require medical assistance. You will be able to use voice command to confirm the same.

Distraction free driving
That will automatically blocking incoming calls, SMS. and it will disable notifications bar when vehicle speed is above 10 kmph. And it will cover phone screen while driving.

Emergency services
This function gives information about the nearest hospital, call to the nearest police, it will call to the contacts which you was add in the emergency numbers and send them a message.

Road Safety tips
This feature gives all safety tips for cycle users, pedestrians, for two wheeler riders, emergency care tips, for car drivers and for children.

Traffic offences and fines
It gives all the fines and offenses for the driving a vehicle. It can be driving license, underage children driving,  breach of condition of learner’s license.

This application includes more features like if any person faces any harassment like harassed by police, facing legal hassles, harasses by doctor/hospital, they can register their name in this application and can share their story. it means the can report about their harassment.

If person have been a good Samaritan to a road crash victim or if someone has helped you, They can register their name in this application and can share their story about what they do with the injured people and what they get from the Samaritan.

The telco has also released a study alongside reasoning why the app makes sense in today’s smartphone world. It claims that when it asked several passengers, around 96 percent of them feel unsafe when a driver uses a mobile phone while driving. 34 percent of the respondents in the study tend to apply sudden brakes when talking on the phone while driving, and 20 percent of respondents admit to having a near-miss situation or a crash due to the same. The Vodafone-SaveLIFE Road Safe app is essentially a first step of sorts to prevent distracted driving.

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