Send Whatsapp Message to Any Number in the world without save them

If you have smart phone device then you might be aware with whatsapp chat app by which you can send messages to any of your contact numbers with one touch. Often the app is updating systems according to new technology changes and other threats protection. From the first version of this app they have updated it often for new useful features and safety.

Still there are many features are missing in whatsapp, normally to complete them we take help of third party supporting apps. Sometimes a situation arises when we need to send messages or content only once but whatsapp only support to send message from saved contact number. So to send message or contents on new number you have to save that new number in your device. Sometimes sending address to delivery boy, one time home/office visitor, send product images to customers etc need one time interaction only. Well there are few third party app and methods which can help us to communicate between two unknown numbers without saving them.

1. With use of third party app

There are 2 popular apps which can help us to send message on any whatsapp number without saving them.

Click 2 Chat

This app is made for easy chat by MTechviral Company. This is free app and works without internet too. To download it, open Google play store, search for “Click 2 chat” and tap on install. Within few minutes the app will be installed and ready for work in your device.

They have built in click 2 Clean tool feature to clean your unused or unwanted WhatsApp files which save storage space and speed up your Android device. WhatsApp creates a copy of image, video or an audio file every time in the media folder. After some time, this folder becomes bigger and the Android system starts slowing. This tool cleans received and sent images, audio, videos, voice notes, profile pictures and other databases taking precious space. With Click 2 Chat all you have to tap on the clean button and all of them will be deleted from your internal storage.

Main Features of Click 2 Chat

  • Easy to use inteface
  • Fetch numbers from call log
  • View only WhatsApp Messenger content without worrying about accidentally deleting your private photos/files
  • In-Built Cleaner
  • One click send option
  • One Click Download Stories
  • Share Stories
  • Translate Messages in 63 global languages
  • Preview Stories
  • Generate Jokes
  • Material Design
  • Schedule Messages to send later
  • On Time Notifications
  • Regular Updates
  • Safe & Secure
  • Works without internet too

Process to send quick message

Open Click 2 Chat app – > Select country – > Enter Number – > Type message (this is one time initial to start message window after that you can send large copy paste messages and other files to start communication) -> tap on send now button

Process to Schedule massage on whatsapp

Open Click 2 Chat app – > Select country – > Enter Number – > Type message -> tap on send later button, Then new popup will be open and ask for date and time to schedule messages. You will get alert for schedule message too.


Whatsme is another very popular app to send whatsapp messages without Phone number. To download it open google play store, search for “Whatsme” and install it. The app is about 1.3 MB in size and works on 4.0 and above android version. This app is very simple in use to send one time message to unwanted numbers without having them in contact list.

Process to send message

Open the app -> dial country code first -> type whatsapp number – > tap on “OPEN CHAT” red button. After that the app derives you to the whatsapp window chat box with that specific number.

2. Without Third party app

In above both trick you have to download app in your mobile phone device. I found few more options by which you can communicate with any whatsapp number without third party app.

Whatsapp APK hypelink

Step 1: Open chrome browser or any installed browser in your smart phone device.
Step 2: Type in address bar ->”type phone number with country code” and it will get your in whatsapp chat window with that specific number.


Step 3: If you want to avoid each time type the complete url then save it somewhere in notes as a hyperlink. Each time you just need to enter the new phone number at the ending point of url and click the hyperlink to start whats app chat.

Instead of this all you can request front person to ping you first, so he/she have to save your number and ping you to start whatsapp communication. And you don’t need to save that number if you receive the first ping. Or you can save one temporary number with some TMP name and edit the contact number whenever need to send messages.

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