Seven stunning useful secret of Whatsapp Mobile messenger

Whatsapp has become most telling messaging app for all smart phone users. You can perform more than chatting, messaging, photo & video sharing easily. You have to follow several guidelines to make this happen. Here I am going to explain you secret tricks of whatsapp such as making bold text, lock your whatspp etc.

1. How to Lock Whatsapp
Your messenger contains many private photo and messages; you don’t want it to disclose anyhow. You can lock your whatsapp app similar to other apps. Download whatsapp locker from Google play store. You can set any PIN number to open this app again in future, I prefer Bunny Labs app for this.

2. Enable Disable blue Sign mark in message
You may have noticed that after sending content to anybody you will get double check mark on right bottom side of the message when receiver read your message. You can enable or disable that mark with below steps.

Open setting – > account – > Privacy – > Read Receipts (Check the sign tick mark to enable or disable the sign)

3. Calendar
Whatsapp links you directly to calendar if you type any dates, you can set reminder on that date for any occasion. You just need to download whatsapp calendar for it.

4. Whatsim
Whatsim is actually a sim card which has not any phone number. You can use whatsapp anytime without internet with this. Click here to know more about WhatSim device.

5. Make bold or Italic text
You can perform text formatting in whatsapp messaging and highlight special text within message.

Bold Text
Write your text between *.
E.g. * Techtyre*

Italic Text
Write your text between _.
e.g. _Tech Tyre_

6. Remove Images from Camera roll

You can remove your whatsapp images from personal camera photo. Follow below settings

Ios users
setting – > chats -> select photo & incoming media – > off

Android users
Select SD card/phone memory – > whatsapp – > Media – > tap on new -> create ‘.nomedia’ file.

7. Mute Group Chat

You receive multiple notifications during group chat and sometime it very irritating. You can mute the alerts of group chat using below steps.

Go to whatsapp setting – > Notifications – > Group Notification – > Notification tone – > Select silent

Stay tuned with this category in next article I am going to share more existing tips such whatsapp hack which make more fun and security to use this app.

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