The Future of Internet speed is 5G

Believe it or not 5G refer as generation of wireless cellular technology which is not only defined by speed but a combination of advancement and enhancement. What makes 5G groundbreaking compared to 4G LTE is a frequency band that 5G supports. 4G covers 2.5 GHz band while 5G supports wide spectrum from 1 GHz to 95 GHz bandwidth just think about this. 5G possibly opens up a new horizon application that usually surpasses the limitations that 4G have today. 5G frequency overlaps 4G but 5G is not compatible with 4G. Eventually 5G will become main stream and 4G and 3G will become obsolete yesterday’s news.

5G Internet Speed

Technical Specification of 5G

5G is divided into low band 5G, middle band 5G and high band 5G. A low band ranges from 600 MHz – 700 MHz spectrum for hundreds of miles in rural and urban areas with slower speed from 30 to 250 Mbps.

Mid band 5G covers spectrum from 1 GHz – 5 GHz where most 4G band lay wi-fi devices compatible within 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz this shows balance where 5G is compatible. Speed 400 Mbps – 600 Mbps, fast speed and less space as compared to low band 5G. In different parts of the world with mid band 5G include United States, Korea, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Star of the show high band 5G spectrum 20 GHz – 95 GHz a crazy 5G speed. High band 5G is currently not available for consumers. It is a premium spectrum which allows 10 Gbps insane speed, covers a small area and is unable to penetrate walls.

Features of 5G Internet

5G supports wireless network with capacity to transform the internet. 5G is software defined network that means it won’t replace cable entirely but it could replace them and bring the workplace into the cloud. That means we have 100X better capacity than 4G which will dramatically improve internet speed.

Suppose a 2GB game takes 26 hours for download by 3G network, by 4G network it takes 15 minutes, on 5G network it takes 3.6 seconds but it is not just awesome speed 5G will also upgrade response time.4G response time is upto 50 millisecond but 5g it is around 1 millisecond a 400 times faster than the blink of human eye.

Future use of 5G

5G is going to revolutionize modern work culture. Self driving cars need streamline and uninterrupted data transfer airways to make it better and safer with 5G. Electronic robots, product manufacturing, medical devices, agriculture machineries and many more sectors are set to grow 3 fold by 2025.

5G linking is not controlling just robots. 5G will provide more personalized experience by network slicing that allows users to create their own network which will allow other users to use their network. Gamers need faster data capacity and response time during game play which will be possible by 5G.

Being able to personalize the internet will benefit businesses too. 5G main significant barrier may be its costing. 3G and 4G networks are relatively cheap to set up because they are flexible with frequency on the country’s radio spectrum. It may not happen overnight but 5G is coming.

Rumours of 5G

  • Rumor in people is that the 5G network spreads much more radiation as compared to 3G and 4G. All networks need airways to transfer data and signal on particular frequencies on which 3G, 4G and 5G depends. Some amount of radiation is always in the air which is not affecting the human body. Before providing 5G to customers’ authority will fix the limit for radiation in phones for 4G and 5G radiation. 5G is not dangerous at all.
  • If 5G will come 3G and 4G will be old news. Yes 3G is slowly going but 4G will not go off the market at all. 4G network towers can combine into 5G network and 5G network towers will give 4G network with faster speed.
  • 5G is only for mobile speed and data which is not true at all. The 5G network will be going to change many things including network slicing, self-driving cars, self learning robots and many more which need high speed data transfer for timely response.
  • 4G phones do not support 5G. Phone needs a modem which supports 5G.