Top 10 horror movies on MX Player

A horror Film is one that seeks to evoke fear in its audience for entertainment purpose.Our list of best horror movies are sure to give you a fright.Below are a list of Top 10 best horror movies.Let’s have a look.

12 ‘o’ CLOCK

12 ‘o’ clock is an Indian Hindi language horror film directed by Ram Gopal Verma. It revolves around a young girl Gauri who starts getting shock with incidents of eerie Sleepwalking.

Cast Star

Mithun Chakraborty – Debu

Makrand Despande – Rao

Dalip Tahil – Commissioner

Ashish Vidyarthi – Baba

Flora Saini – Dosuza’s wife


I know you are the story of ghost who can never die. The tagline of the film itself explains that the ghost does not live in different world. They live in our world but they meet only to whom they want to meet.

It is the story of its own kind where suspense meets horrors. They are Good Friends since College days but these days they like to live in their own life and happily enjoying their lives and suddenly one message reaches to them and destroy all their happiness. Now that message is about their biggest crime that they admitted during college days. This suspense Starts and Drags them to the gates of death.

Cast Star

Riyana shukla – Anamika

Akhilesh Verma – Raman

Muzahid Khan – Suraj

Nikita Soni – Nikita

Robert – The Doll

This Story is based on real life events; family begins experiencing Supernatural Occurrences, when their young son acquires a vintage doll.

Cast Stars

Suzie Frances Garton – Jenny Otto

Flynn Allen – Gene Otto

Lee Bane – Paul Otto


This is a story of happy young couple, they welcomes their first child shortly after getting married. Their Joy quickly turns to fear when the girl starts acting strangely and unexplained phenomena start happening around the house.

Cast stars

Alyssa Koemer – Imogene

Heather Adair – Sophia

Andy Ostroff – Nathan

Jose Rosete – Stan


This is a story of Nupur along with her fiance Jai and friends planned a bachelor party at her native house at village. But that house was possessed by a supernatural power who wants to destroy her family’s heir. When the supernatural power interacts with Nupur, tantric came in between. Will that Soul be able to kill Nupur and take her revenge?

Cast Stars

Rakhi Sawant

Ajaz Khan

Nupur Mehta

Jai Akash

Rajesh Vivek

Haunted Hills

The film ‘Haunted Hills’ revolves around a Honeymoon Couple. The wife dies accidentally, and her soul remains in a painting that she leaves incomplete.

Cast Stars

Krishna Chaturvedi – Rahul

Diana Khan – Siya

Zuber k khan – rohit

Surendra Pal – Baba Bhism Dev

Mansi Gupta – Simran

Savdhan – Ek Adbhut Kahani

‘Savdhan ek Adbhut kahaani’ is a horror film. A group of boys and girls reaches Bandhavgadh on a picnic. They find a treasure and try to take it away but get killed by a spirit. Only one boy Survive. What will happen with a boy?

Cast Stars

Hemant Birje

Sanil Gaikwad

Ramesh Goyal

Ehsan Khan

Ritu Pandey


Ghost movie is a story of Karan Khanna, a young politician, is accused of murdering his wife, Barkha. When his new lawyer, Simran decides to defend him, she comes across a spirit who might be involved.

Cast Stars

Sanaya Irani – Simran Singh

Vikram Bhett – Doctor Singh

Caroline Wilde – Rachel

Ananya Sengupta – Sonia

Raj Awasthi – Possessed Court Attendee

Number game

The film ‘Number Game’ is a haunted story. In film, there is one girl whose name is Emmy she comes to India from UK to organize a real life game that can allow the players to win millions. In this game players are 5 from five different states it includes three boys and two girls. When Emmy is in her Villa, She realizes that she is being watched by an unknown person. The game goes on well until something horrible changes the course of the game. One by One the players of the game end up to dead.

Cast Stars

Aishwarya Rajesh – Emmy

Nakul Chaudhary – Rohan

Sumit Sinha – Soumitro Mukherjee

Horror Story

This is a story of seven youngsters. They decide to spend a night in an abandoned haunted hotel and this decision changes their life in a way they didn’t excepted.

Cast Stars

Karan Kundra – Neel

Nishant Malkani – Achint

Hasan Zaidi – Samrat

Ravish desai – Mangesh

Radhika Menon – Neena

Aparna Bajpai – Maggie

Nandini Vaid – Sonia

Sheetal Singh – Maya

Aapkey kamrey Mein koi Rehta Hai

This story is about four friends, trying to find a flat to live in. Their search for flat ends when they find a four – bedroom flat. They are not aware that the building is haunted. Watch this movie to find more suspense, what will happen with the boys?

Cast stars

Swara Bhaskar – Mausam

Sumit Vyas – Nikhil

Ashish Verma – Sanki

Amol Parashar – kavi

Navin Dasturia – Subbu

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