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Top 10 Web Series of MX player TV to Watch together with Family

Today OTT platform is trending when we talk about entertainment, but we can’t watch all web series program with family in one room together because of adult video contents. And maximum of web series contents have the same adult video content issue. Another big problem that maximum OTT platforms are paid.

So in this article I am going to provide you top 10 Web series of MX player TV which you can watch with family under one roof. MX player is free to download for Android TV, Android phone and iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad & iPod touch devices too. MXplayer offers all its content for web browser too at

After COVID 19 pandemic OTT is the only choice to entertain with family but erotic scenes can nervous family members. So, if you want to spend your quality time with your family by watching web series then we have listed below top 10 familiar and comedian drama which you must watch.

This show revolves around a middle class Sharma family. There’s a gossip – loving grandmother, a hardworking father, a sanskari mom and two grown up kids who are dealing with their middle classiness in the best way possible.This web series will inspire new generation children and they will also learn how up to stand with parents in any Situation

The Aam Aadmi Family

This show revolves around a middle class Sharma family. There’s a gossip – loving grandmother, a hardworking father, a sanskari mom and two grown up kids who are dealing with their middle classiness in the best way possible.

Cast Stars

Gunjan Malhotra as Bhavya Sharma
Brijendra kala – Mr. Satendra Sharma
Lubna Salim – Mrs. Madhu Sharma
Kamlesh Gill – Daadi

Pati Patni aur Woh

A middle-class man from Mathura Finds himself torn between his dead wife’s ghost and sexy second wife. When Mohan’s wife Surbhi dies, he has to marry a new mysterious girl immediately to complete the last wish of the dead wife within thirteen day. Otherwise, soul of Surbhi won’t find peace and her ghost will not leave the Earth.

Mohan follows the words of Surbhi to the “t” and marries a girl Rimjhim without looking at her. What happens when Surbhi’s ghost all set to leave the Earth looks at Rimjhim is what the series is all about? 

Cast Stars

Anant Vidhat Sharma- Mohan
Vinny Arora Dhoopar- Surbhi
Riya Sen- Rimjhim

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Basement Company

Basement Company is an Indian comedy- drama web series, which was premiered on 24 June on MX player. Raj and Rahul are newcomers to a start-up company Punjabi Beats. It is headed by a quirky boss who is shrill, but supposedly a man with a good heart.

When things don’t go as planned, a quick shake-up occurs and the duo are sent to the basement. As expected, the basement is anything but workable space.

Raj and Rahul demand a alter but are again tricked by manager Pankaj Pandey. Simran arrives as the bright light in the duo’s life down-under basement. The troika acquaints with each other and put in hard works to move original office. What happens next?

Cast Stars

Apoorva Arora as Simran Ahuja
Gagan Arora as Raj Chadda
Mayur More as Rahul Pandit
Chidakha Chand as Chandini
Jassi kapoor as Sukhwinder singh kothpuriya

Humorously Yours

It is a comedy drama web series, Humorously Yours is the chronicles of standup comic Vipul Goyal and his mini adventures, accompanied by a hard-to-please wife Kavya and easy-to-please best friend Bhushi.

Cast Stars

Vipul Goyal as Vipul Goyal
Rashika Dugal as Kavya
Abhishek banerjee as Bhushi
Sahill Verma as Punit Lamba

Operation MBBS

OperationMBBS showcases the journey of three first-year MBBS students, Nishant , Sakshi and Huma. The Dice Media web series is far better than other Indian medical TV shows and web series.

Cast Stars

Ayush Mehra as Nishant
Anshul Chauhan as Sakshi
Sarah Hashmi as Huma

TVF Tripling

TVF Tripling is an Indian web series created by The Viral Fever. It traces the story of three siblings Chandan, Chanchal & Chitvan. Together they start a hilarious surprise journey, to find themselves and their relations.

Cast Stars

Sumeet Vyas as Chandan Sharma
Maanvi Gagroo as Chanchal Sharma
Amol Parashar as Chitvan Sharma 


High is an engaging drug drama that rides high on a fresh concept, treatment and performances. The shows play out more like a drama than a thriller. Shiv Mathur (Akshay Oberoi) is an addict struggling to get a grip on his life and eventually finds himself in a rehab facility. The rehab is run by Doctor Roy (Prakash Belawadi) and two other junior doctors, Shweta (Shweta Basu Prasad) and Nakul (Nakul Bhalla), who are working on a mysterious compound.

This magical pill seems to have an edge above all; but is this miracle drug worth dying for? The existence and sampling of this pill creates the biggest disruption in the illegal drugs market and manages to grab the attention of a professional assassin – Lakda (Ranvir Shorey), amongst many others. But will Shiv and the gang be able to achieve their dream? Or will they be eliminated?

Cast Stars

Akshay Oberoi as Shiv Mathur
Prakash Belawadi as Doctor Roy
Shweta Basu Prasad as Shweta
Nakul Bhalla as Nakul

TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers is a web series created by The Viral Fever and developed by Arunabh Kumar. This story of four entrepreneurs, the first season consists of five episodes and premiered online on The MX player TV. Four guys quit their jobs to start their own company but faced many issue to get investors. The great story to get an investor to fund their startup. It is not easy as it sounds.

Cast Stars

Jitendra Kumar as Jitendra
Naveen Kasturia as Naveen Bansal
Abhay Mahajan as Saurabh Mandal
Arunabh Kumar as Yogendra

18 plus Jobseekers

Jobseekers’ is the story of a group of three friends named Vicky, Shailu, and Sana.  They don’t really know what to peruse in life. Vicky is Just passed out and looking for a job. Sana is in a perfect corporate job but due to her fussy boss, she is looking to switch. Shailu, the bad boy, a dropout, is an artist, his father considers him a black sheep, he just wants him to bring a healthy monthly salary at home. Life hits all of them hard. Would they be able to find, they really desire or they will collapse?

Cast Stars

Abhinay Soni as Vicky
Anjali Ahirwar as Sana
Raghav diwan as Shailu


 A group of friends from the class of 2008 reunite after 10 years. However, the much-awaited reunion brings back some unpleasant memories and takes an unexpected turn.

Cast Stars

Sanghmitra Hitashi as Kavya
Shreya Dhanwanthary as Devanshi Tailor
Sapna Pabbi as Aarya Singh Veer Rajwant Singh as Gaurav malhotra

In the meanwhile if you any more good web series of MX player which can be watched with family then please contact us.