TutuApp v3.4.1 free updated version for Android, iOS and Windows

TutuApp is a visual system to download premium paid games and apps for free. Google play store and the iOS store come up with endless apps and games. Google play store and iOS are the ruling mobile store for apps and games downloading. Tutuapp is not available in Google play store or iOS store because it’s a third-party application. TutuApp provides all types of free apps and games which drain your pocket in the google play store, iOS store, Mac and windows it makes TutuApp one of the most fascinating store.

Why TutuApp?

TutuApp for android and iOS is popular for availability of free and cracked apps which are not available in other app stores. Developers are continuously working and developing cracked games and paid apps for free to available for TutuApp android and iOS versions.

TutuAPP Troubleshooting

Readers can download TutuApp from this page for both android and iOS. TutuApp is very simple to install and easy to download. TutuApp for android comes with superior extra security. No need to download any software or hardware to run it into your smart phone device. Free Tutu helper iOS is free  and suitable for all iPhone devices.

System Requirements

DeveloperShenzhen Rabbit Technology Co., Ltd.
App VersionLatest
App Size20.90 MB
Supported Android VersionAndroid 4.4 & Above
License TypeFreeware!
Updated Version of TutuAPP


  • TutuApp is available in two basic version TutuApp.vip and Tutuapp.apk
  • Download is very simple and easy compatible for android, ios and windows devices
  • Users can download apps without login in Tutuapp.
  •  It allows multiple app downloads with efficient in app manager
  • Updates are regularly available with more trendy games and apps.

Difference between Tutuapp and Tutuapp.vip

TutuApp for android is a free collection of top games and global apps as compared to other app stores whereas TutuApp.vip and Tutuapp lite for ios is a paid version of a stuffed detailed catalogue, widely developed, enhanced and fastest in bringing the latest mod and cracked version of app and top games.

Download TutuApp for Android


Download TutuApp VIP for iso


Download Tutuapp Lite for iso


How to download Tutuapp free store in device

  • Click on the link available on the page as per your device suitability and click on the download button.
  •  Install the app into the device and allow access to the basic permissions as every app asks before ready for use.
  • Launch the app.
  • Click on the round symbol on top left corner for Signing into the Tutuapp user can also enjoy the app without any login details.
  • You can find your desired apps and games and download them for free.
  • Gratefully games and apps are categorized as per rating in Tutuapp store which gives ease to find trending apps.
  • The app originated in the Chinese language in the beginning but now Tutuapp is available in different languages.
  • Since Tutuapp is a third-party app it needed a manual update.

You can count on the Tutuapp store for the latest top games and apps which are safe to download still we advised users to get malware trackers for your device for extra safety.

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