Ultimate tips to increase your Youtube Adsense Earning

Youtube can be more useful when it generates revenue. Many entrepreneurs are making good money by using youtube monetization program. Rosanna Pansino, Lindsey Stirling, Rhett & Link, Michelle Phan and Lilly Singh are some of the well known earner; they are making millions of dollars annually by videos. You will have more idea about video which actually making good money by searching their profiles. You must have google Adsense approve account to make this dream true.

Earning Proof

I am assuming that you know how to monetize video. More video view means more money. Here are some useful tips to increase your youtube adsense earning. Never monetize videos which are made to promote business; it may harm your channel reputation.

Keyword research
Perform some proper keyword research about your video. You can use keyword research tool, Google auto search suggestion and Google trends.

Title – Try to create eye catching unique title with proper keywords.
Description – Use proper readable description about your video.
Tags – use your possible keywords in tag area.
Advance setting setup – Don’t change default option, just select proper suitable category. If possible then try to add all true possible data.

Video Editing
You can download some video editing tool and learn how to edit video. Only interesting video can have more views, more comments, more likes or dislikes.

Importance of Channel and Playlist
Use playlist section for different niche of video. You may create multiple channels too. But channel has completely separate profile while in playlist you can upload all video in one profile.

Create meaningful channel name, use interesting profile image and wallpaper, add your personal url and associated social media profiles. You can make it more user friendly by editing channel url after it achieve to 100 subscriber. Perform some optimization for channel promotion.

Post video regularly in proper playlist and make your channel a brand. Perform some research on copyright policy of youtube before monetize your video. It may suspend your account temporary and permanently if you repeat such mistakes.

Thumbnail is first impression of any video, use attractive and clear thumbnail. Interesting thumbnail from video attracts more visitors to clicks on video link.

Communicate with your visitors by responding comments. Like, dislike and share comments in your social media accounts. You can share other related youtube video links in comment answer. By this way your video can get few more views.

Each new stuff is required some sort of marketing. You can use some free or paid tool to increase video popularity. View2 is one of the most useful free program for video promotion. You can exchange likes, views, comments by using this tool free.
Share your video in your personal social media profile like facebook, twitter, g+, personal blogs, partner blog etc.

The number of subscription increase number of watching view for future videos. So always add subscription link after ending of video. Higher subscription attracts more user to click on subscribe button. Subpal is a tool where you can exchange unlimited subscription free.

I am sure you will generate more revenue by using above youtube video tips.

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