Useful missing features of WhatsApp in 2020 Updates

WhatsApp ease of use and features makes it more popular. But still, there are features that can make it more useful and superior to others.

WhatsApp has launched a range of features to make the instant chat platform more useful for the users. This instant messaging app is one of the most popular communication applications across the world, boasting of more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. There are still too many features that we need in WhatsApp for it to become a ‘safer’ and more ‘useful’ app.

Pin or sticky post

Pin or sticky posts may be a useful feature for WhatsApp for better and easy use. Important content is being messed up with other messages makes it very hard to find out important posts. An option to pin/sticky chats introduced in a group may come handy and very helpful.

Find specific group member all posts

In WhatsApp group too many members in different groups that are created for different purposes like business, educational, etc. Unusually we need some posts of a specific person who is an important person or who gives useful information. It is a very time-consuming task and difficult too to find between other messages. If a feature to find specific group members all posts come in WhatsApp it will be very valuable. By using it we will be able to see all posts of the specific members which will be less time consuming and easy to collect information.

Schedule meeting notification features for group members in Google Calendar

We may be in need to schedule a meeting for group members and send that notification before starting in Google calendar. If we need to meet we have to use another app and it becomes a very long process. Nowadays people are very busy and try to save every minute of their life. A feature like Google Calendar schedule meetings will be added to WhatsApp will make work easier. Additionally, it will be a good alternative to google hangout. In case of an emergency, we can give instruction, meeting from anywhere easily without the help of other tools. Users who have less information who don’t know too much use of smartphones will be also able to take advantage of this feature.

Group all post sorting member name wise, day-wise, image-wise and video-wise

Currently, we have default sorting option date wise in WhatsApp group posts.

There are too many different types of posts we post in WhatsApp group like image, video, text, emoji, etc every day. Sometimes we required to post in a specific sorting or series to gather information easily and helpful way. In WhatsApp there is no similar type of feature is available. So if WhatsApp will bring group sorting feature post in a day, member name, image, and video-wise. This Feature will help us to collect the information more precisely and in an easy way. We can easily see the post of the group in day-wise sorting so we can evaluate our group post on a daily post basis.

Additional biometric security to open particular chats

There are too many biometric and security features are in other tools like Hike, Telegram to open particular chats. The biometric feature is still missing in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has finally rolled out support for biometric lock in iOS. Techy Expected that this feature would be rolled on Android too soon. Wouldn’t it be great if this feature can be used to secure selected chats as well in WhatsApp too?

Default store to set cloud, external memory card, etc

You don’t have any option to set default storage of WhatsApp content to external devices. Because of this small internal storage phones become out of memory and you have to delete contents from phone storage. It is an Internet era or we can say the era of automation technology that everything is becoming automatic with time with the help of it. Most apps are using cloud storage or external memory to store the data with the help of technology. If this default store to set cloud or external memory card feature can add in WhatsApp it will very handy to secure phone memory, and data or posts can be accessed anytime anywhere when we want.

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