How VPN works to provide you Free Internet without Data plan

VPN process Free Intenet

You may have heard or read in many blogs which are claiming that we can get free fast internet without mobile data in your smart phone device. Many users are saying it’s false and only method to receive free traffic from website visitors to generate revenue. I have performed many research and reach on some result on this subject. I have tested many methods and they are working for me.

One of the most popular methods to get free internet data is by VPN server. Droid VPN, Fly VPN, izzyvpn, FinchVPN, Freedom VPN, Nmd VPN, Globus VPN Pro, EasyOVPN, TroidVPN and many other are claiming to provide you free internet data.

Requirement (below common things are mandatory to make this working)

  • You must have 0.00 or null mobile data and voice call balance
  • Active mobile data Plan
  • Smartphone or Device to connect free internet

What is VPN (virtual private network)?

Just think a way you’re in a country where high speed internet is totally free, you just need to connect with that particular country to get free internet data plan.

VPN is one type of system which hides your identity while you’re browsing over the internet. It establishes an internet connection which belongs to other country. It is very helpful for safe, secure internet connection and browse website which are banned in your country such as in India.

How browser works?

We type domain name such as in browser (chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer) and hit enter or go. The browser first check internet connection and return you the result for the same. ISP (internet service provider) assigns a specific IP address during connection. We just need to convert ISP as an intranet to get free internet connection.

Intranet is internal network connection which is free and specific website can be surfed within internal network users such as bank user terminal, company internal web portals.

What happen when specific VPN which claimed that they offer free internet?

You need to install specific vpn and perform the process of changing APN and port number etc as describe in their article to get free mobile data and then open VPN for connection.

VPN connection bypasses their firewall and behaves as intranet. VPN has rights to accept or reject particular users for connection. VPN assign specific IP address to your system and build secure free internet connection. When you try to open any website in a browser the browser detect internet connection from VPN server which is one intranet. Usually you need to select VPN country connection which offer free internet for their citizen such as USA. Once you are able create a VPN connectivity your mobile data will not be spend and you will get free internet surfing.

If you still have any doubts then please contact me in comment box, I will be happier to assist you. Or read my article how to get free internet on android.

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