WhatsApp shortcuts for PC and Laptop

Hello Friends, as you all know WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging App and WhatsApp web is trending nowadays especially for users who work at a Computer. In this content you will get WhatsApp shortcuts for Desktop. WhatsApp has revealed a bunch of keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts that work in WhatsApp Web.

Chat Search Engine

If you want to go directly to the chat search bar, just hit “Ctrl + F”. This will let you type in the text box to search for the contact.

Change Text Format

If u like to change your words in Bold, Italic or crossed out, here is how to do that.

  • Bold Text (text between asterisks): *Hello*
  • Italic (text between underscores): _Hello_
  • Strikethrough (text between tildes): ~Hello~

 Mute Chats

In WhatsApp if u have big groups, you almost have to mute them or you will get disturb all time. To quiet things down, just hit “Ctrl + Shift + M”. You can also set the mute for 8 hours, a weak or a year.

Type and search emojis with a keyboard

Messaging feels incomplete without emojis but if we switch many times from keyword to mouse and click the emoji icon and then find the right emoji it will waste too much time.

There’s a faster WhatsApp web trick for keyboard warriors.

Type colon (Shift + ;/:key) followed by first two letters of the emoji which you want to express your emotion.

  • For example: “: happy” – you will emojis related to happy faces.

Open Profile Window

To change your Profile picture, name or about. You can directly open the profile window using the Ctrl +P.

Exit App

To exit App, you can use ALT +F4 shortcut. This will close WhatsApp on your system. To open the app, you need to launch it again.

WhatsApp offers keyboard Shortcuts for almost all operations. Let’s have a look.

Start new chatCtrl + N
Create a groupCtrl +Shift +N
Open Profile StatusCtrl +P
UndoCtrl +Z
RedoCtrl +Shift+ Z
CutCtrl +X
CopyCtrl+ C
SearchCtrl+ F
Zoom inCtrl+ Shift+=
Actual SizeCtrl +0
Zoom outCtrl +-
Next chatCtrl +Shift+]
Previous chatCtrl +Shift+ [
Archive chatCtrl +E
MuteCtrl+ Shift+ M
Delete chatCtrl +Backspace
Mark as unreadCtrl +Shift+ U
Enter a new lineCtrl +Enter
CloseAlt +F4

Let us know If are using any other keyboard shortcut by leaving a comment below.

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