Whatsapp Money Exchange feature for India in February 2018

WHatsapp payment Gateway

The most widely used messaging app whatsapp could give payment feature from February 2018 in India. WhatsApp users are waiting for this feature and according to market survey this feature will change digital payments interface in India. Whatsapp will integrate with unified payment interface (UPI) based payments platform and make payment wallet in existing app, with this method user can send and receive virtual payment via mobile app. Currently the whaatsapp payment is in whatsapp beta trial with its some user and its partner banks.

The product will be available for all users after the testing phase will complete successfully. India will be the first country in the world which get whatsapp payment gateway feature.Currently WhatsApp is working with some popular banks in India such as Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and State Bank of India to integrate the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) based payment platform.

Whatsapp want to make a secure app which keep data safe and easily sending money through text messages and OTP, thus data of the customer can be safe and pay feature will be added to an attachment section in app. Users will be able to transfer money from the same screen easily. Whatsapp wants to make it an easiest payment gateway for Indian users. If the Whatsapp Payment feature becomes successful in the market then Paytm and the other digital wallets can have a trouble because the number of WhatsApp users is too large in India.

UPI is also available as a USSD service where, users can access the service by dialing the code *99#. The various services provided in USSD mode are categorized as follows,

  • Financial Services
    1. Fund Transfer
      • Send Money
      • Request Money
  • Non-financial services
    1. Balance Enquiry
    2. Change MPIN

Whatsapp also have launched Whatsapp Business app

Whatsapp is most connecting messaging app with people in around the world. Recently, Whatsapp Inc have launched Whatsapp Business app in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, U.K. and US also have rolled out in other country soon. Whatsapp want to improve small business experience in country like user can make own portfolio and describe its business information to connect people easily. So 1.3 billion whatsapp users can use Whatsapp Business app too.

Which things user needs to know about Whatsapp Business app?

  • Business owner can share its business information like business description, email, address, and website URL to connect and helpful for customers.
  • Customers can contact directly with business owner and can chat via messages also ask FAQ.
  • Gives review simple metrics system to user can see what’s working.
  • User can send and receive massages on whatsapp web application on desktop.
  • People can use continues his whatsapp account usual their no need to change or download anything.

Whatsapp business app will helpful for small businesses in all over the world. Also, user can use it as marketing purpose.

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