Emoji Bug Which Can Really Crash Your iPhone


Your read right, there is a bug which can freeze or hang your iPhone for a minute. but the process to do it is not so simple. Attackers had to work to do it. The process to freeze or hang your iPhone: USA TODAY have confirmed that when white flag emoji, the zero number and a rainbow emoji are sent as a contact to a person , the contacts app or iMessage App can be freezed for a while.

A video on You Tube Everything Apple pro has been viral which shows that this issue was first Spotted by french iOS developer vincent Desmurs in Which when contact card was send, and the iMessage App get freezed. This effect can be observed on iOS 8 and iOS 10.2.

But this type of problem is not happening in the phone of android Users, this problem is occurring only in iPhone message app.

When it is just the string of text send between Phones, messaging app is not been affected on the version of iOS 7.

A online theory had given information that a bug is around for few weeks. When placing white flag, zero number and rainbow in same line, iPhone iOS will try to put the white flag and rainbow together to create a flag emoji, but the app will get crashed due to placing zero number emoji in middle. The bug is around for few weeks , but it draws attention of developer in past few days.

But there is a good news for iPhone users that bug is not risky for iPhone because it won’t be able to erase any data from your iOS device. If yore iPhone get Freezed or hanged open your Contacts, go to messaging icon, this will redirect into messaging App and your Phone will behave normally.

Another way to get rid of freezing phone is to delete the message but it might take few moments.

You can also get ask siri to open the iMessage App. But those who have the contact saved in there Phone can delete the contact through iCoud on computer.

And if really feel annoyed or angry on the person who has done this type of prank with you and wasted your time in deleting the message,opening iMessage App, deleting contact by Computer could, there is an option to get rid of this by blocking the person.

You can block the person b by going into iPhone app, searching and clicking, and by finding the option of “block this caller”.

This bug is in market with few weeks but the developer had known about the bug in past few days and they find the best method which use less time. This bug is the latest one of to annoy iPhone Users with video message leading to crashing problem which was in last November and different types of crashing problem texting bug wreaking havoc in 2015.Apple has patched both issues.

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