Share your virtual contact number without sharing real Number

Nowadays contact detail is a mandatory field for getting essential services and online shopping. But there are many disadvantages if you share your contact details everywhere. Getting spam calls and messages are always a massive problem if you provide real contact details to any place.

Police doesn’t recommend for ladies and girls to share their contact details to avoid safety and privacy issues. Anyone can check your social media DP picture and status. They might get threat calls.

Thank god we have mobile app developers who develop many useful apps to make our task easier. Uber, Ola, Truecaller are few app name which made our daily routine lifestyle easier. To solve this issue Hyderabad entrepreneur Aditya has designed Doosra app.

The goal of this Doosra App is to safe your privacy and save you from unwanted phone calls and spam messages. To get new virtual contact number you need to enter your original mobile number. You can give this auto generated phone number to shop and online portal as it is not your personal number.

Benefits of Doosra

The app protects your privacy; you can give the virtual auto generated contact number if somewhere asked for shopping.

At some online shopping sites and physical shops phone number is mandatory to get discounts or seasonal offers. You can provide the number generated from Doosra app to get benefits of those all offers.

The app is helpful for ladies as they don’t need to provide a real phone numbers to shop owner, ecommerce portal or any app such as ola, uber, zomato etc.

How to manage calls from Doosra

You can download it in Android and iOS devices. All of your incoming calls will be stored in Doosra App. Here you will get voice mail services too.

By default all incoming calls of Doosra app are blocked, you can unblock the required phone numbers by going into Doosra app call settings.

If someone tries to call on virtual number then he listen tune as you’re not available now and send a voice message after beep. Those voice messages will be received in Doosra app which you can listen by simple one touch.

The app has tie up with Zomato, Uber, Ola etc important door to door important delivery services, so there numbers will not be blocked by default in this app. You can pick up that delivery services phone calls like normal incoming calls.

How Doosra Works

This app has partnership with telecom operators to get new virtual contact number. You cannot make a call or create social media and messaging accounts from this number.

This app is made to receive messages, delivery calls and voice messages only. So nobody can make any fraud with anyone.

App Interface and experience

The interface of this user is very easy, call block and unblock function are very easy. Settings for call, voice message and message options are there in this App.

You can look incoming calls, listen voice messages and text messages by opening Doosra app. User will get enhanced location based call unblock feature too.

You may unlock calls by time based and location based methods.

Time base: In this method you can unblock all call for next 60 minutes.

Location base: You can unblock all call once you’re at given locations.

Mandatory SIM Card

Right now this app is working for Indian telecom operators so you must have Indian SIM number to receive OTP for app validation.

After app validation you need to select available plans. After that you need to perform payment process to get 10 digits a new virtual number.

Subscription Plans

The service is not free and customer needs to pay to get this safety and security. Doosar app is offering 499Rs/6 month and 699Rs/12 month plans.

To get VIP number you need to pay additional, you don’t need to pay additional for normal number.