How to share WhatsApp status on Facebook and Instagram!

Whatsapp Status Share in Facebook and Instagram

Hi folks, we are here with some new ideas for more fun with Facebook, whatsapp and instagram. We all know that Facebook is a content sharing platform and whatsapp is messaging app. Recently WhatsApp has introduced a new feature on which allow you to share WhatsApp status messages in your Facebook stories for Android and ios devices. This Feature was tested by facebook many times and finally available now. This means whatever status you post on whatsApp can be cross posted as Instagram and Facebook stories. In whatsApp, if you…

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How to unlock Locked Android Phone Without real Users?

Generally, if we talk about phone password then it is used to protect your device from accessing from strangers and this is a way to protect your data and files. Sometimes in emergency situation we are in need to open someones smartphone, such as accident, emergency calls to contacts and when you forget your pass code. Hello Friends today I come up with some best tips to help out several Android users and best methods that will help you to unlock your Android device even if you’re not the phone owner.…

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iPhone to android tv

Would you like to watch your iOS devices content like Movies, videos, photos and games in your Android Smart TV screen? Yes, you can do that, as there are so many applications are available which can help us easily to perform this feature. ApowerMirror We are going to provide step by step guideline to by following this you can use ApowerMirror application to watch your iPhone contents on your Android TV. It is an application where we can share iOS screen function to Android TV and it provides good video…

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How To Find Lost iPhone??

iPhone Lost

This article is for if you lost your iPhone then what to do. The best thing in iPhone is that it has different software that can make it easy to track down your iPhone location, so if you want to locate your lost iPhone then follow below steps. Locate a Lost iPhone on iCloud Account First sign in to icloud account on the web from any browser. Go to I and click find iPhone and then select a device to view it’s location on a map. You can search…

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Troubleshooting of iPhone Backup Error During Global iCloud Storage

Generally people like iphones because of global iCloud feature by which you can restore backup of all your important data in any new or old device by simple iCloud login. iCloud backup stores your contact, mails, messages etc important database. And iPhone has ability to take back up timely without delay. Apple Company is very ambitious for their earning and they don’t leave you without recurring payments. And that’s why they only offer 5GB free icloud space for any iOS users. For additional storage you have to pay monthly recurring…

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How to free iCloud Storage in iOS devices without Erasing data

We buy ios devices because of the icloud storage features, by this way we can access all our data from any ios device with simple login credential. You don’t need to copy data from one device to other device like android devices. New iPhone release almost every year with latest features which attract users to buy them, and we get all important data access in new device from our icloud login. But apple offers only 5 GB storage for free icloud users. You have to upgrade your membership to increase…

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Steps to Access and Set up Parental Controls in iOS Devices

Apple has launched a robust set of parental control options in iOS 12 which is called as Screen Time which gives parents a way to check and boundary the amount of time children which is using in their iOS devices, within explicit apps and more. Screen Time works through family sharing settings which you can view and control Screen Time options. Turning Screen Time On You can turn on and set up Screen Time in your all ios devices by using Screen Time section in Settings app. Here’s how to…

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How To Free Space In Your iPhone, iPad, ipod Touch Device

Free iPhone Storage

Images, audio, video, whatsapp content, applications take up a ton of storage space in iPhone device. So after some time iPhone shows the storage full notification. People generally start deleting apps in this situation forcefully to deal with emergency photo, video and document storage. But actually we don’t need to delete any useful contents and apps. If it is unusable only then we should delete it otherwise we have lots of settings to solve this problem. You can free smart phone memory using different methods which I already described in…

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iTunes alternative try iMyFone TunesMate


If you’re tired of iTunes try iMyFone TunesMate There are many great things about owning an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, but there are also a few downsides special if you getting troubles with iTunes. For many people, having to battle with iTunes is a major negative, but there are alternatives. Whether you’re using trying with iTunes backup your photos or music to your computer, or you’re simply using it to keep your music and videos collections synchronized with your iPhone, there a good alternative to use much more easy to…

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Why iPhone and iPad Blast? and Solution

Why IPhone And IPad Blast And Solution

Basic reasons of iPhone and iPad blast are over hitting problem. It may happen by so many reasons, here I am going to guide some common reasons with solution. 1. Temperature Temperature surrounding the device is related to the iPhone and ipad 0º C to 35º C is safe for it, but when the temperature is more the 35º C it can trigger overheating. So try to avoid using iPhone in high temperature. Solution: Avoid to leave your phone inside a parked carTemperature inside the car might rise or drop…

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