Hide Whatsapp Chat

How to hide your personal Whatsapp Chat from anyone

If you want that nobody can view your personal whatsapp chat then you can hide it for others by applying very easy trick.

By using this technique nobody can read your personal whatsapp chat, photo, images or videos. You can hide your entire personal chat using this method and secure your privacy. You don’t need to install any other and learn the app to make this happen. There are several feature already available in whatsapp by which you can do this.

Often whatsapp users delete their personal chat to hide them from others from fear of somebody can read their chat during his/her phone unlock. Do you know that you can hide your data from whatsapp and retrieve them again whenever you want?

Method 1
To hide entire chats go to
whatsapp setting -> Chat – > Chat History – > tap on “archive all chats”
Your whole chat will be hidden

To restore previous chat
whatsapp setting -> Chat – > Chat History – > tap on “unarchive all chats”

Method 2
To hide individual chat or whatsapp group
Hold tap on specific group and individual person which chat you want to hide

And tap left side button from three top dots, your chat will be archived.
You can get it back by selecting those group and individual again and unarchive it to get it back.

I hope it will solve your more than 80% of privacy problem and feel you safe from whatsapp.