How to free iCloud Storage in iOS devices without Erasing data

We buy ios devices because of the icloud storage features, by this way we can access all our data from any ios device with simple login credential. You don’t need to copy data from one device to other device like android devices. New iPhone release almost every year with latest features which attract users to buy them, and we get all important data access in new device from our icloud login.

But apple offers only 5 GB storage for free icloud users. You have to upgrade your membership to increase storage capacity. Apple offers 50GB storage in $0.99/month, 200GB storage in $2.99/month and 2TB storage in $9.99/month. It is almost same in all over the world when you convert your currency with USD. You can share 200GB and 2TB icloud plans with your family members too.

It’s very hard to spend more penny after buying a premium range Smartphone devices. It’s crazy expensive plans. So here I am describing some tips by which you can keep your icloud storage free. You will get below error message on screen during regular icloud backup process once you reach to 5GB.

Free iPhone Storage

Checklist your Storage

You need to store most important data, so checklist them. Here below are app data which you should keep in iCloud memory and which you should not keep. Don’t worry there are alternative simple ways to store all data which you can’t store in iCloud.

Better Security Purpose Of IPhone, IPad, ITouch

To manage storage tap on Settings > [your name] > iCloud

iCloud Storage


Media files, photos and videos occupy maximum storage in any devices. Any Smartphone device even android with high memory storage can be without space within few days. The problem becomes more serious when after installation of chat messenger such as whatsapp, wechat, telegram etc. They store all captured, screenshots, sending, receiving, status, DP media files.

You need disable it and you can store all those media files in Google photos app. Download it and login with your gmail id to start media file backup.

In new phone you will get all media files back up just by login again in your Google photo id. You can get access of those photos in any windows system too.


Disable it, you can remember your email id and password, it’s not too hard. And after login you can get access of your email data.

Rest of other apps don’t require enough space to store in iCloud account. Even you can get back up of your whatsapp when you install account in any new iOS devices. But text and status don’t need more space so you can keep them enabled.

You can enable icloud for contacts, calendars, reminders, Notes, messages, safari, stocks, home, health, wallet, game center, siri, books, memo, drive, telegram, whatsapp, icloud drive etc.

Mange Storage

Even though if your iCloud storage full you can keep it free by following below steps.

Setting -> <your name> Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store -> iCloud -> Manage Storage

You will see which type of data occupies maximum storage; backups eat your maximum storage. You can delete your old backups to keep your iCloud storage free.

Buy iCloud Storage

Even though if you’re lazy and want to keep all your media file backup in iCloud then buy it from apple. To buy storage go to Setting -> <your name> Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Change Storage Plan -> Select your plan and be ready to spend every month to Apple.

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