Newly launched OnePlus 8T Advance features and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deal

Samsung S20 Deal and OnePlus 8T

Apple is going to launch iPhone 12 soon in October 2020 and to complete it OnePlus has launched 8T with new smart features and Samsung has launched Galaxy S20 FE with $100 discount offers on different e-commerce web portal.

Notable Features of OnePlus 8T

  • OnePlus 8T will enhance with a new 65W adapter.
  • Adapter includes support for 45W PD super fast charging.
  • Phone will also characteristic a new dual-battery layout.

The company commits the charger can charge the 8T’s 4,500mAh battery to full within 39 minutes and within 15 minutes you can charge 58% battery. The new battery design is responsible for warp Charge 65 so quickly. The concept is derived from brother company Oppo, OnePlus’ latest smartphone 8T device features a dual battery layout that allows 65 Warp Charge to recharge both cells at more than 30W at the same time.

Newly designed is bitterly compatibility with other devices. With a new USB-C port, it includes support for PD fast charging feature at 45W, meaning you’ll be able to use it to charge your other devices, including computers and tablets. It’s also fully friendly with all OnePlus devices.

Refreshed round design are two extra encryption chips, surrounded in the charger and with cable, which will work in combination with 12 temperature sensors in the OnePlus 8T to make sure the phone is always charge in the most proficient way possible. OnePlus says it has also tweaked the 8T’s heat rakishness system so that the phone keeps as cool as possible when you plug it in to charge.

OnePlus 8T will be announced and available from October 14. Until then, company continue slowly sharing new information. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau established the phone will feature a 120Hz display. So there’s a good chance we’ll learn more about the phone within three weeks before October 14.

Grab the Galaxy S20 FE $100 off Deal

The retailers have announced different level discount since announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE on MRP.

At the Samsung store the phone recommended price is $699 but if you can save $100 at three retailers in particular. Buy 8GB RAM/128GB storage model for just $599 at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H. The phone comes unlocked with 5G support and a number of colorways.

Talking about features it has 6.5-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a Snapdragon 865 processor, and three back cameras, the Galaxy S20 FE is a convincing device for Galaxy S bandwagon customers but don’t need all the range’s costly features.

If you are excited, then grab the phone from your store of choice. The Galaxy S20 FE will start shipping on October 2, but it’s not clear how long the discount will remain.

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