Whatsapp new feature ‘Group Description’ in iPhone, Android, Windows Beta app

Facebook primary messaging app Whatsapp is developing a new feature for their Android and Windows Phone beta versions. With latest updates whatsapp will add a new “Add Group Description” tab to group with placements, either the audience is part of group or not. In future this feature is expected to be available on iPhone. Any member in the group can edit the text of new group description tab, though whatsapp is looking for restricting access to the admin in future updates. Maximum character limit is 500 characters for group descriptions.

The feature is available on WhatsApp beta version 2.18.54 on Android and WhatsApp beta version 2.18.28 on Windows Phone, the new group description feature may help new members to get a brief meaning of the purpose and activities of a group before joining it. What has been included for, WhatsApp watcher WABetaInfo Reports is there, specially this feature is not working for everyone and this can be a limited to test. Some of us were unable to use the new group description feature despite being on Whatsapp v2.18.54 Beta for Android while other were competent.

Whatsapp will add the new 'Group Description' feature

This move is expected to provide better context to public groups after launching chat invitation link by WhatsApp in 2016. Although the ability to edit group details is currently available to all group members, we can expect that WhatsApp only restricts access to the group admin in the future. This will offer a fixed level if the group is public or its many members. Details will appear on the chat page as pinned box other than group information page below the group name.

Whatsapp has recently tested a new “Demote as Admin“ feature which allows administrator of the group to cancel admin rights for any other administrator of the same group.

Apart from this whatsapp used to test the ‘sticker’ feature in the latest Windows Phone beta app. This feature isn’t  available on Android or iPhones and it is still a hidden feature on the Windows Phones messaging app. Whatsapp has added live location sharing and customized sticker notifications to the Windows Phone beta app.

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